Katie Price Asks, “What If Barbie Had A Bachelorette Party…”

Katie Price had a Barbie-themed bachelorette party last night, wherein she basically tried to recreate Barbie’s look. I’m pretty sure Barbie doesn’t do things like have bachelorette parties.

Price looked fairly demure, without her fake-n-bake orange tan and gutter-whore makeup and wearing a floor-length baby pink silk dress with diamanté trim around the bust, her hair was scraped back in an Alice band. Best part is that her cake, like ‘The Situation’, was of her, but in doll form. SCARY!

Price is marrying cage fighter Alex Reid, 34, this weekend for the second time. They wed in Las Vegas in January but are now having another ceremony for their friends and family, so it should top out at around 30 people at most.