Katie Price and Alex Reid: First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Strip Clubs

Normally people have the bachelor party before the wedding, but Katie Price / Jordan has never claimed to be conventional.

The pretty pretty princess and the cagefighter she once dumped on live television, Alex Reid tied the knot in a “quickie ceremony” yesterday at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, then followed the covenant, not to be entered into lightly, by commencing a strip club crawl. Though we would love to bring you pictures of what I imagine would be Jordan doing a strip/first dance, the couple claims they want to avoid the cameras to show their love is for real. Or really Reid has to avoid the camera since he got his ass dumped when Jordan believed he was with her for the publicity. We will have to wait until the divorce to get juicy details.

Since the couple isn’t so practiced in secrecy, they gave the world a little tip off to the wedding when they picked up some rings together a couple hours before the ceremony.