Katie Price Wants More Special Needs Children

I could be completely wrong about her, but for some reason, I have a special place in my heart for the trashy model/reality TV celebrity known as Katie Price/Jordan. She’s been responding to allegations made by her former nanny that she and husband Peter Andre are neglectful parents after her son, Harvey, accidentally scalded himself with boiling water.

Katie is saying that not only is she a good mother, but that she would like to have more children and is even looking into adoption. According to the best-selling author (pictured here holding up copies of her third autobiography), “I’d definitely think about adopting. We’ve even found a place over here where you can foster disabled kids. I want to go there on my day off and get one now.”

I love how she said that like it was a dare. I can almost see her stopping mid-interview for a bathroom break and returning with a child in a wheelchair–all the while wearing that famous self-satisfied grin on her face that we all know and love.

Photos: WENN

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