Katie Price And Peter Andre To Make Your Ears Bleed Once Again

These two look like Cher backup dancers. They don’t look married; they look like they might share bronzer and depilatory cream. Katie Price and Peter Andre, plan on releasing a follow-up to their huge flop album, 2006’s A Whole New World.

Was it even available over here? Was it sexy Disney covers? Probably.

“We’re going to do another duets album because we managed to raise a lot of money for charity so I think we should do it again. Some people out there might say ‘don’t’ but we’re going to do an extra long album,” Peter said. Right before he completely shaved his body of hair and had his anus bleached.

Well, you could always play their record if you have some houseguests that need to vacate and won’t. Or maybe you can pump this from big speakers if you’re trying to end a siege with a Texas polygamy cult, and want them to evacuate their compound.

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline.com