Katie Holmes Up For Cocktail: The Musical

October 25th, 2009 // Leave a Comment

Ha!  I just can’t with this one.

The New York Post reports that super-80′s Tom Cruise vehicle Cocktail is currently being adapted into a Broadway musical by Heywood Gould, who wrote the original book and film (and owner of the hottest name I’ve ever heard).

Heywood (seriously, my kid will have this name) says that it’s too early to talk about casting, but he’s got his eye on Katie Holmes.  Double ha!

Truth be told, Cocktail, which just celebrated it’s 20th anniversary (feel old yet?), was never a hit with me.  Does anyone else find it absurdly bad?  I guess this weepy Stepford wife would fit right in.  Maybe Suri could be her stylist for the show?

Here’s Katie and the fam looking as though they are rushing to start their day.  Tom looks like he hasn’t even finished his fancy breakfast souffle!  He’s going to need it.  Fancy breakfast souffle: the best way to start the day.  I’ll take my check now.

Gallery info: Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, and Tom Cruise loading up the car.

By Nicole Steadman

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