Katie Holmes. The $5 Million Dollar Woman?

June 20th, 2005 // 27 Comments

Do you notice that he always kisses her just on the side or below her lips. Just an observation. Meanwhile, Ben Widdicombe has something very interesting to tell us about a recently engaged couple.

So here’s what I’m hearing about that relationship. A source VERY close to the deal is saying there’s a contract.
It’s worth $5 million.

It’s for five years.

There will be no sex.

The deal was sealed June 7.

I am totally at a loss for who that could be. Who mad a contract with the devil? Well if he is talking about Tom and Katie, we apparently have to thank Oprah for their engagement.

He met up with Oprah in Paris — she was in town shopping and going to art galleries; Tom was promoting War of the Worlds. At the meeting, “Oprah said proposing on top of the Eiffel Tower was a brilliant idea,” says a source close to Tom. “Oprah’s been giving him all the advice he needs about how to look after Katie.”

How he needs to look after Katie? Well, he may want to lay off on the Scientology. That’s probably not going to happen. If a Scientology wedding does occur, here are a few details of the merging between the holy union and Scientology.

After their vows, the couple may exchange rings embossed with Scientology’s ARC triangle, which stands for Affinity Reality Communication, says Rev. James Newell, a Scientology minister from Clearwater, Fla.

Communication seems key to a religion set on eradicating the “reactive mind,” and most couples are encouraged to engage in counseling sessions with the sect’s singular “e-meters,” which reportedly sense the presence of negative emotion.

I have a feeling that Tom is just plain happy that he bought found a young and impressionable starlet to complete his charade life.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Please, please let it be true. Its been a rough couple of days, and my eyes are red from all the crying.

    Tom Cruise is the Antichrist.

  2. CityKitty

    Particularly interesting, because the story has been going around for years that Nicole Kidman had a similar 10-year contract.

    Who can tell, who can tell…

  3. btrue2myself

    Why does he keep doing that with a his fist? Almost every photo he’s making that face and clenching his fist. Why? He looks crazy!

  4. WTF?

    Why would Katie do such a thing? Is she dumb? Slightly metally challenged? Why would she ruin her career for 5 measley million when she could continue making the “Batman’ franchise alone and earn tens of millions more? She did just get kicked off the project…I hope she knows what she’s doing…
    And why did Tom pick her? Any speculation surrounding that? How did her name end up on the short list of brain-washable B/C list celebs?

  5. Johnny Bravo

    That last photo is scary. He has a “I’m SO the man.” look to his face. Like he thinks he is at his peak. If he is then great for him but it really does all seem fake.

  6. Brenda Meier

    BOYCOTT TOM CRUISE UNTIL HE APOLOGIZES FOR DISPENSING MENTAL HEALTH ADVICE. His harsh and misinformed words about Brook Shields and those who take antidepressants should earn him the World’s Largest Raspberry Award. Who is this arrogant, misinformed egocentric child molester? Get him off the front cover of everything.

  7. Kay Belshaw

    How very sad….Tom Cruise is someone I personally have never liked and I have not seen any of his movies…..he thinks he is just wonderful and just maybe he is???…..I don’t know anything about his first wife, but the second wife Nicole is a Catholic and now this one is also Catholic…..why doesn’t he just leave the Catholic young girls alone and find himself a women of his own religion??? if it is a religion…I always thought it was a cult – I know one women was killed in Clearwater, Florida – but no one was put in prison – now, that is some kind of cult – religion.?????

  8. ilovstuds

    i am beginning to think Katie may not be as stupid/innocent as we’ve been lead to think. She’s been around the industry long enough that this will put her in a different league in Hollywood.Just look at the exposure she’s been getting in the last 2 months. May be she is thinking after the non-sexual 5 yr. contract expires, she may get to do some serious indie movies and may be even an Oscar down the road, just like Nicole.( which i doubt will happen, if you see her “performance” in Batman Begins.
    As for that creep……..enough said.

  9. josh wilson

    If Tom is targeting Catholic girls, it’s because he was brought up with Catholicism, and feels comfortable talking to them about (and talking them out of following) that particular sect of Christianity. As for wanting him to convert women of other religions, well: Tom was born Catholic. If any religion is responsible for curing him of his Scientology, it’s Catholocism. Why should available young b-grade starlets of other faiths have to suffer? Maybe his continual poaching will convince Rome to intervene, and we’ll be done with all this nonsense.

  10. ttt

    And it only took her 5 million Dollars… Wow~ What a Joke. I guess that beat-up beamer was in Pretty bad Shape..

    What do you think her parents are saying about their daughter? I think my Dad would have straightened this one out WAY before it got this far…

  11. ifooleveryonekate

    i must admit, 5 millions to put up with this nonsense for five years is not worth shit.
    katie, oops…. its kate now must be eiter desperate for money or hoping this will make her another Nicole.
    Dream on baby.

  12. Judy Jason

    Something is not right. No biological kids. Nothing was ever mentioned why he and Nicole adopted kids. His first marriage to MiMi? Now this weird stuff? DAH! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Does Rock Hudson ring a bell?

  13. ;iza

    Tom is gay, and making this whole thing a very gay affair. However, 5 million is a lot of money, so what the heck.

  14. Beth

    Sounds to me like anything to stay in the limelight. It’s almost like some of these celebs plot it out, down to the itty bitty microscopic detail that no one really cares about. Pregnancy rumors, contracts…sounds carefully planned. But then again…Mr. Cruise has always given me a creepy vibe. never like either one and am tired of seeing them everywhere. somedays i want to reach thru my screen and smack the stupid grins off their faces.

  15. wendy

    okay now I’m starting to wonder if tom c. is really gay, is this why he paid a 24 year old who’s old enough to be his own freaking daughter, $5 mil? If that’s what Katie wants to base her life on, its crazy. I mean Kirsten Dunst is a perfect example of someone who worked their way up and Katie just sounds too lazy, either way or she’s an opportunist and not so naive as we think she was.

  16. Evon

    I think Tom is anti sex, for whatever reason, and that he and Nicole got divorced because she got pregnant with his child and he freaked out. What normal guy would leave his wife while she’s pregnant? I think he saw her pregnancy as a sign of his “weakness” and decided to throw them both out to prove something to himself. Of course, I’ve never met him, and he might have just decided that Nicole was a shrew and he’d rather find someone new. No…….he’s just weird.

  17. Ancilee

    I think there is something strange about Tom C., but I cannot pinpoint the exact thing that is digging at me. I just know that there is something odd about him. Here are somethings I jotted down, just to try to get in Toms mind, maybe understand SEXY Tom and his intentions.

    Sooooo, What do “you” think?

    1.) Maybe he is an egomaniac?

    2.) Maybe he is eccentric and conceded?

    3.) Maybe he is just in LOVE?

    4.) Maybe he is a control freak?

    5.) Maybe he is a perfectionist?

    6.) Maybe he is a great guy, but has faults like all of us?

    7.) Maybe his Scientology is messing up his brain?

    8.) Maybe he is in a MID-LIFE CRISIS?

    9.) Maybe he is just really lonely and MADE GREAT LOVE to her (w/ great multiple screaming orgasms*). Hence, Katie screaming intensely “YES, YES, OH TOM I’M COMING AGAIN-OH OH OOOOOHHH TOMMMMM DON’T EVER STOP!!!”
    Then Tom blurts out, “Oh God Katie Your THE BEST!! I LOVE YOU KATIE, I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!” (Get the picture?)…..giggle giggle.

    10.) Maybe he just gets-off by wooing an ON THE REBOUND, BROKEN-HEARTED, IMPRESSIONABLE, YOUNG LADY…..And it just happens to be Katie who took the BAIT????

    11.) Maybe I am just a pre-judgemental biatch that has no idea what I’m saying….hehe.

    I really do have to go now and get something cool to drink!! This whole Katie and Tom thing is just way to HOT!$!$!$!$
    Can someone get the HOSE??? PLEASE!!

    ~Ancilee Kaye~
    (sounds like Annsilly)

  18. Flabbergasted

    I am FLABBERGASTED, but not due to Tom and Katie’s relationship, or by all the Angelina Jollie is Brad Pitt’s other woman. But due to the way all this lies and “conspiracy” theories are created by sick minds. Not just here but in the tabloids, etc. Sources close to the deal? Dare name one? You made it up. C’mon, you obviously have never been in love. But just because you and your pals are capable of these base actions and thoughts, it does not mean all the rest of us are too. Nor that celebrities are so either. Find something better to do with your time, something constructive. Angelina for example, is working hard in worthwhile causes, but all you sick people can think of, is the false notion that she and Pitt have a romance they do not have, or how Tom and Katie’s relationship is false. Gawd, get a life

  19. flabbergasted

    At least Scarlett Johannson, Jennifer Garner and Kate Bosworth had the sense to get out of dodge. In fact, SJ, though chronologically younger than KH seems leap years ahead of her in terms of maturity and common sense.
    How does one go from a 5 year relationship which included promising to spend the rest of your life with someone, to parading around doing unnecessary and excessive PDA and grabbing every photo/interview opportunity imaginable within a matter of weeks? Everyone says that TC is creepy, which I agree with, but I think this speaks volumes about the “character” of Miss Holmes herself. The tan mark from her previous engagement ring is probably still there. And their behavior is downright disrespectful to all of the previous exes (and to TC’s kids especially)
    The learning curve is also obviously flat here as neither TC or KH has learned from TC’s disasterous appearance on the Oprah show that the public is sick of both of them and continue to nauseate everyone with their over the top behavior. KH, this “deal” is not worth it-you will earn EVERY dollar. Besides, where there is smoke……do you notice that the “gay” rumors have continued for his entire career? One would expect that if there was no merit to them, they would have abated. KH, get out before you lose your soul…….pretty soon you will be nothing but a poor imitation of TC. If TC was so great, he wouldn’t have 2 ex-wives and a trail of ex-girlfriends!

  20. donna hassan

    Can you even imagine what Tom’s children think after he said to the world that meeting Katie was the most important event in his life!!!!!

  21. krystaldragon721

    No wonder Nicole left.

  22. former rondroid

    as a former $cientologist…the game is played as it has always been played…no such thing as bad publicity…the “church” scores-tommy the fag scores-the hooker scores-and we are all talking about it before we rush to see this remake…nothing new at at all..and the kidman deal included starring roles and a flick with tommy the fag…..

  23. Tori

    There are many things about TC that have been esily forgotten or somehow erased (bought off), and it is obvious to all it is about to happen again to Katie [not Kate, you lazy man (anyone remember TC saying "Nicole" as opposed to "Nic")]. One is that his first marraige to Mimi Rogers, his only older woman (and only one with her own mind, obviously),taught us that he is impotent. She said it to the press after the divorce. Granted, one could claim she was bitter, but the future chapters of TC proved otherwise. He now, is introduced to Scientology. A religion, he claims is about spirituality. He starts dating young women of Catholic backgrounds (most of this catagory are, at this age range, truly impressionable and curious, therefore easy “subjects”) and the words “contract” and “gay” are constantly in the whispers of his tailwind. Funny how the ten year contract you didn’t have with “Nic” oddly coincide with the end of that same marriage,one that ended right before ten years and within a week of discovering your wife had a miscarraige (adultery? wasn’t she filming “Cold Mountain” at the time? Wait if he is impotent, that means.. Sorry Sadie Frost) And lest we forget the boys he has had public (lovers)quarrels with. Remember, Hollywood, big city, small town. People do have ears and they can hear when there is screaming right in front of them. But I think the most important lesson in this whole thing is the hurt and pain that is being bestowed on the unsuspected or undeserved. When an obvious distraugh Nic is side-swiped by the ended of her marraige (thanks for sticking to your end of the bargain,Tom) and the position in the list of priorities has your kids rather low (under your version of science, you scholar, you), and galevanting around the globe to tout your love of “this woman”, [words that you actually still haven't been able to conjur up (even you aren't that good of an actor, you realize)]. The selfishness and narssicism that encompass and feed the ego of TC have somehow really make him believe his opinions are worth far more than another persons worth, self-esteem, and future. One has to wonder, why the constant defensiveness if you are truly in love? Why must you run around answers to questions such as manditory embracement to Scientology(yes, yes, they can still be ..(fill in the blank) but can they be (blank) without being a Scientologist)? Lots have been this quickly in love without all these speculations. But oddly, those same spectulations have also surrounded those (very few) people who are on his side/defense. Hhhmmm? Just a thought.

  24. People…Hello.
    I don’t get it. The fella, TC, says a few things that he obviously believes in, and…he starts dating a woman who I think he probably cares about…and he gets crucified by a long list of people who…(HUGE SURPRISE)…Tom Cruise has never met or exchanged one word with.
    Can you imagine this scenario unfold in a court of law.
    Counselor: “Witness, please testify to the frame of mind of Mr. Cruise at the time he was dating Katie Holmes.”
    Witess: “Well, counselor, you see…I really don’t know, or have ever met Tom Cruise…and truth be told…he doesn’t really even know who I am.”
    Counselor: “I see. Then what are you doing on the witness stand and why do you profess to know?”
    Witness: “uhm..uh…gee, this is a little embarrassing…”

  25. nancy

    I have heard the rumors for years, but didn’t really think about it that much, but something is ringing true about it this time. TC is just making TOO BIG a frigging deal about telling EVERYBODY how in LOVE he is with her, and dragging her out on stage. Look at the other Hollywood couples, they usually have to be chased down and REFUSE to comment.
    He also is reminding me of Pamelyn Ferdin with a BIG nose, I know our ears and noses continue growing all our lives, and his nose is HUGE. (hey, Pinocchio anybody, lol?)
    There is something about Tom that says gay to me now, my Gaydar was underdeveloped and underused before I guess. He is not the classic FEMME type, but does have big eyes and a constantly smiling big kisser, and is so short.
    Why would he adopt 2 kids that fast? Yes, you could say Nicole didn’t want to go through that figure ruining condition and take 2 years plus out of her career, but come on.
    Not that that ’causes’ gayness, but Tom was a child of divorce where his father dropped out of his life. Some folks think that can contribute to a boy growing up looking for love from males that will replace the father they missed out ons affection.
    Tom Cruise fits this, so does Clay Aiken, and a lot of allegedly gay guys, somebody said they didn’t know many gay men who had good relationships with father. This isn’t always true, but maybe it can be a factor in some males decisions?

  26. Jean Jeannie


  27. D.

    This Tom & Katie wearesoinlovewecantcontainourselves crap has spiraled out of control. My boyfriends mother worked for Roy Scheider (father in Jaws) awhile back when Tom was new to the Hollywood scene. She remember’s Tom being “flagrantly gay – flamingly, obviously GAY”, as he was a friend of Roy and his family. Hmmm…makes you wonder. I find it odd that couples who are blatantly in love (ex. Gweneth and her husband, Kate Hudson & her husband) are never out there constantly attempting to conjur up publicity. Tom and “Kate” on the otherhand feel the need to profess their supposed love whenever someone sticks a camera in their face. No doubt their parents (especially hers!) are embarassed and concerned. Sidenote – I’ve always wondered why Tom has consistently shortened the names of every woman he has been with – Nicole was “Nic”, Katie is now “Kate” – is that what lead to the breakup of Tom and Penelope Cruz? He just couldn’t fathom referring to her as “Pen”?? Hmmm…definitely gay in my book!

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