Katie Holmes. The $5 Million Dollar Woman?

Do you notice that he always kisses her just on the side or below her lips. Just an observation. Meanwhile, Ben Widdicombe has something very interesting to tell us about a recently engaged couple.

So here’s what I’m hearing about that relationship. A source VERY close to the deal is saying there’s a contract.
It’s worth $5 million.

It’s for five years.

There will be no sex.

The deal was sealed June 7.

I am totally at a loss for who that could be. Who mad a contract with the devil? Well if he is talking about Tom and Katie, we apparently have to thank Oprah for their engagement.

He met up with Oprah in Paris — she was in town shopping and going to art galleries; Tom was promoting War of the Worlds. At the meeting, “Oprah said proposing on top of the Eiffel Tower was a brilliant idea,” says a source close to Tom. “Oprah’s been giving him all the advice he needs about how to look after Katie.”

How he needs to look after Katie? Well, he may want to lay off on the Scientology. That’s probably not going to happen. If a Scientology wedding does occur, here are a few details of the merging between the holy union and Scientology.

After their vows, the couple may exchange rings embossed with Scientology’s ARC triangle, which stands for Affinity Reality Communication, says Rev. James Newell, a Scientology minister from Clearwater, Fla.

Communication seems key to a religion set on eradicating the “reactive mind,” and most couples are encouraged to engage in counseling sessions with the sect’s singular “e-meters,” which reportedly sense the presence of negative emotion.

I have a feeling that Tom is just plain happy that he bought found a young and impressionable starlet to complete his charade life.

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