Katie Holmes Plans To Get Mousey And Loved Tom Cruise’s MTV Dance Moves

I love Angelina Ballerina!

So does Katie Holmes, who hugged the mouse (fine, costumed person dressed as a mouse) as she announced a partnership between her Dizzy Feet Foundation and the character at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas yesterday (June 7). Katie was also a big fan of Tom Cruise’s hip-hop performance with Jennifer Lopez.

“She loved it!” Cruise, 47, told UsMagazine.com backstage. “She was there while we were working on it… it was a blast!”

I have to admit that the a 47-year-old had the energy and gettin’ low skills of a man half his age and looked pretty good doing it, but I still hate Tom Cruise. I imagine most people do or when it came to figuring out how to promote his new movie at the awards they wouldn’t have come up with the idea to have him be Les Grossman, and beat to death the only positively received thing he’s done since shutting up about his superior intelligence. But yeah, nice dancing.