Katie Holmes’ Plan To Help Her Lose Fake Baby Weight

Baby Suri Cruise had it’s first outing to the Scientology center. I’m surprised that the center was so empty, with all the Scientology hoopla going on, the place should be packed.

Now that Katie Holmes’ fake pregnancy is over, she now has to lose all of that fake baby fat that she gained during the fake pregnancy. What better way to lose that dreaded baby weight, than with the help of Buff Brides.

A Cruise/Holmes wedding is on the fast track. Katie Holmes has met with the owner of Buff Brides, a company that sculpts bodies for the big day. And, we’re told, Buff Brides has specific instructions — get Katie ready to look amazing in her wedding dress. Now TMZ has the specifics — it’s a sleek, strapless A-line dress that is form fitted across the waist and falls to the floor. As for cleavage — not so much. The bust is cut straight across.

We’re told Katie has very specific goals to look great in the dress, working especially hard on her shoulders and back.

Sue Fleming, the owner of Buff Brides told TMZ that Katie has decided to use her program, with the help of a personal trainer who has licensed the Buff Brides fitness regimen.

The real question is – is Buff Brides Scientology approved?

Exclusive: Katie Holmes Wedding Dress [TMZ]

(Image via WOW Report)