Katie Holmes’ Phantom Baby

October 20th, 2005 // 15 Comments

The dynamic duo is giddily overjoyed that their evil baby is working.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Laurette

    What the F is wrong with Tom Cruise’s face? Is he trying to yawn? C’mon Tommy boy. You’ve already taken her career, credibility, and womb. Are you so greedy that you need to consume her whole? Will she then truly become one with your thetan soul?

  2. caro

    Did you ever notice that once a woman starts dating Tom Cruise….she never speaks?? Seriously…Nicole never uttered a word except on screen throughout their marriage…Penelope hardly even cracked a smile and now I think Katie is communicating in sign language….

  3. julia

    What’s with Katie smiling like a 2 year old with her eyes & nose squinched and her upper & lower teeth stacked directly over each other? And, did anyone notice she’s starting to get that hypnotized bewildered & befuddled look that Tom has?! (“I know I am not supposed to give all my money to Scientology, but, well, somehow I have to. Yes, I will.”)

  4. dottcomm1

    i agree, julia! why does katie always do the well-practiced “look at me, i’m so cute” smile? it’s freaky!

  5. mimi

    Tom “creepy” Cruzazy

  6. Nora

    Wow. Katie gets so much hate nowadays and her only crime is dating Tom Cruise! Well, she always smiled like that…ever since the Dawson Creek years…I think she is really cute and pretty…

  7. I’ve seen some photos where she looks pretty pregnant.

  8. looloo

    I see the pattern too, ‘caro’. It is freakin’ scary!

  9. Caligirl

    I’m an entertainment photo editor and I’ve looked at hundreds of pics of Tom Cruise with Penelope Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The women always look kind of stunned/scared/nervous. It’s really creepy if you look at them all side by side.

  10. Tajue

    Yes, Julia, I have noticed that about Katie’s smile. I want to slap it off her fucking face. It’s irritating.

  11. Sues

    Why is it that now Tom Cruise is taller than Katie? Do you notice she is now slumping and standing in ways that he’s taller. Come on – they’re both creeping me out. Always laughing and touching each other for the cameras. As his daughter’s game they looked absolutely like they were posing. Please – I bet their only conversations are about how “amazing” they are. Yuck!!!

  12. Lizzie

    Poor Katie can’t help it….the Scientologists have brainwashed her. She has that spooky gleam in her eyes…..just like Tom, John Travolta, et al. Now the poor child is pregnant! Wonder how that happened? Hmmm??????

  13. Spaz Cadet

    Apparently Katie not only has to be Kate, she has to stand with her legs splayed way apart and hunch her back so her man looks taller.

  14. Her and her hubbie are gorgeous folks, what more can be said.

  15. rumpshaker214

    Phantom Baby? I vote yes. A pregnant woman would NOT be drinking starbucks!

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