Katie Holmes Is A Soccer Mom

November 14th, 2005 // 4 Comments

Katie Holmes attended one of Tom Cruise’s daughters soccer games without Tom Cruise. She is just like an older sister I guess? Or maybe a nanny? Regardless of the role Katie Holmes is taking on, she’s talking about giving up acting and becoming a full-time mother.

But at 26 she wants to ditch her blossoming film career and devote herself to washing fiancé Tom’s smalls and bringing up the baby they are expecting early next year.

A pal tells me: “Katie has decided to give up acting altogether. She’s been telling friends that she and Tom have decided it is best she stays at home and brings up their new baby. “Her decision is raising a lot of eyebrows in Hollywood. She is at the perfect age for so many screen roles and has completely closed the door on a promising career.”

So I guess all hope of that Dawson’s Creek reunion movie are all shot to hell.

Stay at Holmes mum [The Sun]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cheesy

    Hey, she might be at the right age for screen roles, but she’s seriously lacking in talent, so it’s not like Hollywood is losing a great thespian or anything.

  2. pstass

    I agree that TC seems like a nut, but who said an acting career has to be the most important thing to KH right now. This may be the best time to pursue her career, but it’s most definitely the only time to be a full-time mom to her new baby. If that’s what she wants to do then she’s not so much a dummy but a confident woman willing to make sacrifices for what she wants in life. Taking some time off from work doesn’t mean she’ll never act again. It’s not always all or nothing.

  3. KittyLiterati

    It is when a nutjob is ostensibly taking over your life.

  4. mutterhals

    I hope she remembered her carmex, all that sun exposure could cause a flare up…

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