Katie Holmes Is Engaged To Tom Cruise

June 17th, 2005 // 17 Comments

Dawson Tom Cruise proposed to Joey Katie Holmes atop the Eiffel Tower. And once again he calls Katie a magnificent woman.

Actor Tom Cruise said he and girlfriend Katie Holmes are engaged, after he popped the question early Friday morning atop the Eiffel Tower.

At a Paris news conference where Cruise announced their engagement, Holmes sported a massive diamond ring on her finger.

Cruise, speaking at a Paris news conference with Holmes, said: “Yes, I proposed to her.”

The couple often shared smiles and blushes as Cruise turned to look at her, with a massive diamond ring on her finger.
“It was early this morning at the Eiffel Tower, so I haven’t slept at all,” he said. “Today is a magnificent day for me, I’m engaged to a magnificent woman.”

Asked why he chose the famed Paris landmark, he said: “I’ve never been to the Eiffel Tower. It’s Paris, it’s a beautiful city, it’s very romantic.”

Cruise said no date for a wedding has been set: “We haven’t discussed that — one step at a time,” he said. “Let’s see. We’re not sure.”

Holmes did not speak to reporters, but at one point, Cruise whispered to her: “Are you OK?”

Probably not. I’m hoping she’s paid well. We and Dakota Fanning wish the happy couple the best

“I wish them the happiest marriage that anyone has ever had,” said Dakota Fanning, the child actress who co-stars with Cruise in the film. She sat next to Holmes during the news conference.

Tom Cruise proposes to Katie Holmes at Eiffel Tower [USA Today]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Aly

    I think I might vomit.

  2. ella

    After he proposed I wish they would have jumped off the Eiffel tower hand-in-hand.

  3. Brian

    I should have read this BEFORE I had breakfast.Sorry,gotta go throw up again……….

  4. greta

    What is happening to the world! It all seems too fabricated. The announcement of the relationship and the engagement, all in the span of two months and right before their movies!!!

  5. nette

    Did he REALLY say ‘one step at a time’???

  6. mariam

    Run Katie, run! Oh wait, too late. Poor girl.


  8. greta

    How many people do u guys think are turned off with this couple? Just a bunch of us who read this blog or almost the entire American population?

  9. KM

    In response to Greta, everyone I know is turned off by Tom Cruise at this point. It’s not just the relationship and prattling on about Scientology, but also his jumping around like Mr. Peepers and proclamations about life, love, psychiatry and medicine. Stick a sock in it … and then pass it to your cronies.

  10. jenn

    Tom is a creepy man these days, and Katie Holmes is a desperate girl who has obviously lost her mind. Don’t these people realize that the whole country is laughing at them. Tom cruise is such a has-been, so not hot and Katie isn’t very hot herself, bad teeth, bad feet, bad wardrobe, yuck!

  11. agree

    katie holmes sucks!!! No one gives a shit about her and she is desperate for fame so she decided to go along with Tom’s sick stunt. they are both sick, and they deserve each other. they and their scientology bullshit can all go to hell!

  12. yogagirl

    Tom Cruise is certainly heading down the same path as Michael Jackson these days. But I guess this is what happens to “superstars” who have people who kiss up all day long-they start believing their own press. At least Pat Kingsley used to be there to reign him in……and if this didn’t work, she would squash the source of bad publicity.
    Katie Holmes-I don’t know where to begin. What kind of “normal” person in their right mind, changes their manager, agent, publicist, religion and “friends” in 7 weeks? It wasn’t as if her agent was doing wrong by her-he got her cast (although it was definitely a mis-casting) in the biggest hit of the summer-Batman Begins. And this is how she thanks her people-she gets rid of them! This speaks volumes about her character and loyalty. TC better watch out when he is no longer king of the box office and somebody else is in a better position to catapault her career….And just who is this Jessica Rodriguez who is pictured with her every step of the way and is rumored to be a Scientology official keeping her “on the path”?
    If KH has the character of a mature 26 yo “woman”, I missed it. These days in every interview she gives seems like a brainwashed TC clone-her gestures, behavior and phrases are mimicking those of TC. Even their vocabulary is the same-notice the excessive, nauseating overuse of the word “amazing”! If her parents are truly happy about their “virginal” daughter (who just got out of another engagement a couple months ago) becoming the THIRD wife of a cult-following egomaniac with 2 kids barely younger than she is, then there is something just as wrong with them!
    All I can say is, RUN KATIE RUN, before you wake up one day in the future and realize that you have lost yourself. Mature love is understanding, and doesn’t require you to give up yourself to someone else’s wants.

  13. anonymous

    For a good predictor of the future, one should look to the past. In this case, KH should look at TC’s history with women. TC leaves Mimi Rogers for Nicole Kidman. He is married to NK for 10 years and adopts 2 kids with her but still leaves her (all the while harping on family values and talking about how he “loves” relationships). His relationship with Penelope Cruz is suspiciously on the heels of his separation from Nicole. Is KH so delusional that she thinks that TC has never been as in love as he claims to be now? What does she think she has over any of the other women? Penelope Cruz (although not as popular as NK) is a former ballerina who speaks several languages and is a star in 2 countries. NK is an intelligent, attractive woman who is a brilliant actress. Mimi Rogers is also known to be highly intelligent. When the “virginal” KH and her giddy, immature self start to become tiresome and she approaches the 30-zone, she will find herself watching TC once again jump around on Oprah’s couch claiming that he is in love and has “never felt like this before”. Only KH won’t find herself in the same shoes as Nicole, who actually has talent, she’ll find herself watching from her psychiatrist’s couch as she wonders who she is and how she ended up losing her entire identity and self.

  14. pigsy

    u know wat katie?? u sucks… dumb bitch


    I totally agres katies teeth are like croocked little triangles. like fix ur teeth ur a freakin millionaire!!!

  16. Sadsadpeople

    Though I would rather katie be my girlfriend and not going to marry tom cruise, I’m glad she has found someone she wants to spend her life with

    All you people saying she sucks blah blah blah. Have you even looked in the mirror, are you blind? Like you’re god’s gift to humanity.

    So, if you have something bad to say about it, for your sake and the vacancy of the correctional institutions of the world. Just Don’t.

  17. jo

    is there anyone else out there who is wondering like me how on earth tom cruise is suddently able to father children….when it was a well publisised fact that the reason why he and NK adopted children is because he is as seedless as a jaffa?

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