Katie Holmes In Fear For Her Baby

February 1st, 2006 // 19 Comments

Apparently, Katie Holmes is not concerned that she may be giving birth to an alien, but she is concerned that she may give birth to a premature baby. With Miss Holmes about 7 1/2 to 8 months pregnant, her fake alien baby should be just fine.

Behind Katie’s glow, Star has learned, that the roughly seven-months-pregnant actress is a bundle of nerves. Friends say she seems worried that she’ll give birth to a preemie — like her mother did with her! “Katie’s mom went into labor with her almost two months early,” says a friend of the Batman Begins star. “Katie was only four pounds at birth and it was touch-and-go for several days before doctors determined that she was going to make it. She seems desperately afraid that the same thing could happen to her!”

Katie’s New Fears For Her Baby [Star Magazine]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Danger

    If she’s so damn concerned y wont she sit her ass down and stop flying around the world following Tom.

  2. King Smart Ian

    Given that Tom won’t let her have any painkillers, I’d be hoping for the world’s smallest baby

  3. christina_the_wench

    Here’s hoping her maternal instinct kicks in and overcomes the whacked-out Scientologist control Tommy boy has over her.

  4. Does she at least get to have a paramedic standing by? Or one of those Bryman School alumni who know ‘how to work in a doctor’s world’?

  5. Wow… I think there was a movie made about these two… ROSEMARY’S BABY! *gasp*

  6. Maggie

    Odd to see Tom without at least one masterly hand on the incu-kate-or.

  7. Katie (not Holmes)

    Tom is a sexist pig. How dare he tell anyone if they need painkillers or not. I’d love to see that short idiot deliver a baby.

    He’s insane and she’s just about RUINED any acting career she had.

  8. nevermind

    Whether or not she is worried about having a premature baby, she should be concerned about the sway Tom will have for the care of it. Besides, did they really have sex to impregnate her? My guess is “no”. We are all assuming they had sex…I shudder at the thought.

  9. Xenu's Baby

    If I were her, I’d be much more worried about the scientologist followers taking her baby after it is born to be raised “as L. Ron has forseen…”

    When it the mothership going to call these cultists home?

  10. susiesneds

    Uh-huh…I know this is a “STRETCH”, but let’s just “pretend” for a moment that Katie Holmes really isn’t pregnant and that’s just a Hollywood prop under her shirt. Doesn’t it seem a little “odd” that she’s worried about a “premature birth” now so close to the “real” birth? I mean, how convenient it would be to have something go terribly wrong and then they would of course “part ways amicably” and then Tom Cruise would come out of this all “hetero” and his image would be saved? JUST a thought.
    (If she is really pregnant, I of course, wish the baby a healthy birth!!)

  11. Fugly Girl

    First of all the girl has been brainwashed, that being said if my gay fiance was telling me sex would injure my child I’d be afraid to take a dump for fear of what that would do to the child as well.

    But I think I’m with Susiesneds on this one.

  12. While still serious being born early isn’t as big of a deal as it was 10 or 15 years ago or however old Katie is. She should just have Tom buy a hospital and put it in their home like he did with that ultrasound machine.

  13. I don’t think he’s gay, I believe the rumors that he’s impotent. Which is almost always a psychological problem easily addressed by psychotherapy, which is of course a no-no. Hence the attraction to whack-job cults. As for Katie, I believe the $5million contract rumors, which said he also ‘interviewed’ other actresses for the part of Mrs Tom Cruise, including Scarlett Johannsen, who ran screaming

  14. memememe

    I think the whole world is in fears for the baby with TC as a dad.

  15. FunMe

    If he’s not gay, why is he keeping Southpark from showing this on TV again?

    UK and Tommy might ban this South Park episode. But this hilarious show can be viewed here! J


    Some excerpts:
    “Tom Cruise … please come out of the closet.”
    “It appears that John Travolta is in the closet, and he refuses to come out”

  16. If he’s not gay, why is he keeping Southpark from showing this on TV again?

    Because he hates fun

  17. Fabiola

    I predict she will have a “premature” baby…at least that is what they will tell us. Actually the baby will be full term becasue she was pregnant when she met him!

  18. doofus

    lots of interesting posts here…

    Maggie, loved the “incukator” term. VERY clever!

    Katie (not Holmes), well said. I think he’s also just about ruined HIS acting career too. War of the Worlds was supposed to be this huge monster hit, and it was pretty much a bomb. Came out right around the time of the publicity blitz that was their relationship. I, personally, will most likely NEVER pay to see a Tom Cruise film again.

    susisneds…interesting theory. I’ve heard this from other places too. that she’ll “lose the baby”, they’ll “part amicably”, and ta-da! the whole farce comes to a very nice conclusion.

    however, I’ve also heard rumors to what Fabiola says…that she was pregnant when she met him (with Chris Klein’s baby…or Heath Ledger’s baby, if THAT rumor is to be believed…). And tied into the whole “interviewing girlfriends” scenario, and it makes sense. he interviewed a few young starlets, Katie found out she was preggers, and they figured “what a perfect situation…Tom needs a girlfriend and, better yet, a kid to dismiss the gay rumors, and here’s the perfect candidate.”

  19. SouthParkFan

    But if she were pregnant when they met, then she’d be overdue by now… they met in mid-April, yes? If she were already pregnant, she’d be due in January if I’m counting correctly.

    I think she got pregnant (by Mr. Turkey Baster or Mr. Petrie Dish, your pick!) sometime around when they got engaged. If she’s now (supposedly) 7 months pregnant, then she’s due in the next couple of months. But then who knows???

    I mean– the first announcement of being pregnant comes out and the photos make her look 4-5 months pregnant, then the interview with Barbara Walters and they are saying she’s 6 months pregnant (wasn’t that interview in October?????) and now here in February she’s 7 months pregnant??!!!?? Someone needs a refresher course in math, or Cruise and his people just need to shut up!

    And as someone who has lost a child at 7 months gestation, I will be more than *PISSED* (and for any British readers, I do mean VERY ANGRY, not VERY DRUNK) if they are faking this pregnancy and then claim that the child died.

    But from the photos I suspect she really is *GAG* pregnant. (Because she’s getting that run-down, getting to the last couple of months “look” about her. Jet setting doesn’t help!) Whether she slept with him or did the IVF method, either way it grosses me out.

    And she should also be worried about herself– I was gravely ill (read: could have died) in 2 of my 3 pregnancies. First pregnancies are dangerous, in terms of things can go wrong, and her running all over, getting little sleep, and being around the freaky people of $cientology is not helping. I’d be worried about pre-eclampsia/eclampsia or worse if I were her.

    Wouldn’t that be just a horrible twist on this charade of theirs? She really is pregnant, dies in childbirth (and possibly the baby, too) and then Cruise is left “to heal”. He’ll have it all– “proof” he’s not gay, the sympathy of the world, and no entanglements. I’m not saying he’d orchestrate her dying in childbirth… I’m saying he’ll milk it for all it’s worth!

    I weep for her family… what must they be going through, knowing they can’t stop this train wreck of a “relationship” and let’s guess how much time ol’ Grandma and Grandpa Holmes will get with the bastard son of $cientology!!

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