Katie Holmes Has The Blues

May 17th, 2006 // 29 Comments

Maybe Katie Holmes isn’t suffering from the baby blues, maybe she’s just depressed that the world has now seen her stretch marks. Then again, maybe that was planned to happen. Oooooooh.

New mum Katie Holmes has been “constantly in tears” say pals — sparking fears she has the baby blues. Tom Cruise’s fiancée “seems emotional and very tired” since the birth of their daughter Suri a month ago, it is claimed.

When visitors call at Cruise’s Beverly Hills mansion, Katie appears red eyed. One friend said: “Katie told pals it’s natural for new mums to experience strong emotions.”.

Or maybe she’s just missing the child, since they couple seems to take in numerous outings without Suri in tow.

Cruise’s girl ‘has tot tears’ [The Sun]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. JJJ

    Or maybe she has the baby blues…. maybe she should talk to Brooke Shields

  2. gOssiP

    well isn’t this convenient. t.c. needs to stop trying so gosh darn hard. again this seems too planned for me. why else would the photographer be on the ground taking the picture??

    i’m also shocked at the “stretch marks” that magically appeared since t.c. had katie showing off her “belly” and they weren’t there then!

    as for the baby blues–obviously based on the fact that katie was ripped away from her child, a majority of mothers get them, probably close to 90%, it’s post-pardum depression that brooke shields had. either way i wouldn’t wish either on anyone. isn’t karma a bitch tom cruise??!!

  3. las

    I’m surprised the spotlight-seeking midget didn’t yank up her shirt. Oooh, stretch marks that somehow never were there before… airbrushing?

    And does it REALLY surprise anyone that Katie would get PPD, after her beloved Tom spends all this time railing against anyone who treats it?

  4. pete

    Totally photoshopped!

  5. chris

    if that is a real pic of her, maybe she should try finding a shirt that actually fits her. i know i sure as hell dont wanna see that, and i dare to say the general public doesnt either

  6. gigi

    karma’s a bitch. if she does have ppd she’ll be stuffed full of vitamins and never get real help. i’d feel kinda sorry for her, but… she’s an idiot.

  7. She just needs vitamins. Vitamins will fix her right up.

  8. maryanne29

    The stretch mark thing is so calculated. I’m sure we will see the episiotomy soon.

    If Katie is red-eyed and crying, it’s probably because she’s sold her immortal soul.

  9. Jessie Williams

    Katie made some sort of arrangement with the devil himself (Cruise), and now she is paying for it.
    Given her strange actions during her pregnancy, like never touching her own stomach, makes me think that she’s been paid to be a surrogate for his baby (or at least a baby with his genes, such as from his brother’s sperm).
    In addition to acting as Tom’s surrogate, she’s been paid to be at his side in public, acting all lovely and adoring; smiling on the outside with dark sunglasses hiding her brainwashed, teary eyes.
    Now, I think that she is regretting the entire thing. I think that somewhere along the way, she really fell in love with Tom and her baby. She convinced herself that once the baby was born, they’d be one happy family.
    Only Tom is having none of that. All he wants from her is her paid servitude to be at his side in public and for him to be the one to bond with the baby, not her; cause, after all, in his mind Suri is his baby that he bought and paid for.
    Now, Katie is heartbroken at the deal that she made; and I believe that she is being threatened to follow through with the original arrangement, giving up all rights to her baby. That’s why she looks so miserable.
    I agree that Suri was probably born earlier, and a fake belly was used to time her official birth to coincide with the opening of MI3.

  10. Winnie

    how ironic that Katie would have postpartum depression. let’s see if Tom’s Scientology theories about the baby blues works on his own fiancee!

  11. Kris

    So big deal. Katie may be having a bad day,,,GASP!

    These two deserve each other and I hope they STAY with other – less chance of either hooking up with a normal person. (make that ‘victim’). I consider them BOTH a public nuisance.

    p.s. Vitamins? No, Katie just needs to go shopping – that’ll revive her quicker than anything.

  12. goose

    I doubt any woman would “stage” the viewing of her stretch marks. As a new mom myself, there is nothing cool about having them. There’s also nothing cool about clothes that don’t fit either. Post-delivery is a bitch and no matter how many vitamins you take, sometimes you just need Zoloft.

  13. Lisa

    I know someone wrote this before, but I’ll echo it. I can’t wait for the True Hollywood Story on this one.

  14. JAL

    If these are real, it’s about time we saw someone in Hollywood with stretchmarks!!!! I’ve got ‘em and it’s not the end of the world!!! I think she’s just depressed because she has the life from hell now. What did she expect when she got pg by TC??!!

  15. Keli

    Exactly what JAL said!! Come on people, stretch marks are 100% normal!!

  16. sara1beth2

    while they are 100% normal, shouldn’t they be waaay darker? those look like stretch marks that someone got years ago and have had time to fade, not brand new mother stretch marks.

  17. maryanne29

    Stretch marks are normal if you actually have a baby. Believe me, I know.

    There seems to be a doubt about that little fact with Tom and Katie. And given the control freak nature of Tom Cruise, it’s not out of the realm of possible that this is all a farce and the stretch marks are a part of the farce.

    And given the careful orchestration of everything he does, it does give one pause. Hmmmmmmmm…..

  18. S. Haden Freude


  19. Jackson

    After the hanging bra picture, how can she be embarrassed by anything?

  20. las

    Nope, because Tom always says so, and Tom is always right because he is the movie star and a man. That’s all it takes to make Katie obey.

    And those DO look like faded stretch marks rather than fresh new ones. If they are stretch marks, and not either airbrushed or from her jeans waistband.

    And to anyone who doubts she would display her stretch marks: This entire freak show has been one long attempt to manipulate the public, right down to “having the baby” for the MI:3 premiere. And walking around with her shirt yanked down to display her nursing bra. I mean, can you blame anyone for thinking this is fake?

  21. wow

    seriously, those are fake. the whole thing is
    f-a-k-e. she would NEVER go out in public with her tum hanging out after having just given birth. there are probably 3 handlers for each of them, just to make sure they look perfect before public appearances. jig is up tomkatcruiseholmeslosers.

  22. Kris

    If Mariah can body paint herself to portray good muscle tone then whose to say Katie didn’t paint on those stretch marks??? ;)

    come on now peeps, the only really disturbing thing about Katie is she came undone the day she met Tom and it’s been downhill for her ever since.
    And when Tommy runs out of events (movies, babies,pushing scientology, talk shows, etc.) then Katie will no longer be of any use. She’s been his tool to prove to the world he isn’t gay.
    Their relationship is an Event to Tom, nothing more.

  23. Miss Hannigan

    Everything that has to do with Tom Cruise is so staged, we all know it, why does he bother? I think Katie has probably alientated herself so much from everyone who was important in her life that she probably doesn’t even interact with anyone who isn’t one of Tom’s “people” anymore.
    This is the first thing I have heard about crying fits. At least she still feels emotion. When does she start Bride boot camp?

    I also sort of buy into the stepford wife type of plotline. My husband thinks Tom Cruise is a vampire. Normally I don’t go weaving such strange explinations for strange behavior in Hollywood, but this is beyond regular explination. The ultimate reality show.

    I wonder how long their contract is for. Hang in there Kate!

  24. skrpune

    not to say that I don’t believe she recently had a baby, but those marks look a LOT like impressions from her jeans. From the shaping of them to the overall wavininess of the skin in a broad area – totally skin impressions from her clothes. Seriously – I’ve been sitting here at my computer for a while with pretty bad form (I’m pretty damn nearsighted, even with contacts, so I’ve been somewhat hunched over towards the monitor) and I’ll be damned if my tummy marks aren’t nearly identical to hers. Minus the M-shapes – those are from the under-shirt she’s wearing…it has edge detailing to it and is the cause of the funkier M shaped impressions

  25. Pepper

    I’m sure if she keeps taking her vitamins she’ll be able to beat her post-partum depression and be just fine.

  26. Lynn

    that photo is *sooo* photoshopped. just look at the line where her jeans end and her belly begins. so fake! stretch marks are normal, but this photo has been altered for sure. i still don’t believe she was really pregnant!

  27. CruiseControl

    Of course she has to say it’s natural for new moms to experience strong emotions. Tom has brainwashed her to give such responses. If she said anything about post partum Tom would be furious that she is breaking a law of Scientology.

  28. ruth

    Not saying that they aren’t stretch marks, but the marks might be something else. Your jeans can be too tight for you and press against you while you’re sitting down leaving you with indents on your skin….that could be what it is. My guess is her jeans probably are too tight…she just popped out a kid!

  29. Zoey

    The stretch marks look quasi fake. Looks like a good makeup artist job. I’ve seen a lot of stretch marks and they don’t look like these!

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