Katie Holmes Gets Applause From Dance Judges

Finally, the long-awaited dance performance by Katie Holmes on So You Think You Can Dance took place last night. The actress reprised a role made famous by the legendary Judy Garland, singing “Get Happy.”

The song-and-dance routine is originally from the 1950s musical, Summer Stock, and had Katie dressed up in a fedora, black jacket, heels, black nylons and little else.

Granted, her legs looked amazing and I’m sure it was for a good cause, but if you ask me, it wasn’t the mind-blowing experienced it was touted to be.

However, the judges had nothing but good things to say about the number. Nigel Lythgoe said, “She put herself out there and she didn’t have to do that, so I’m very delighted in her performance.” Mary Murphy gushed, “She reminded me of regal Old Hollywood.”

It was all for the Dizzy Feet Foundation, of course, so even if it wasn’t as fabulous as I was hoping, at least it was for the kids.