Katie Holmes Gets a Leg Up

January 25th, 2007 // 12 Comments

While in Paris, Katie Holmes took in the Armani show, and showed off a little leg while on her way there. She’s not all luncheons and parties. You didn’t think she’d miss out on the shows?

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By Jessica Marx

  1. Betty

    Nice girdle, Katie.

  2. Lisa

    Betty beat me to it!!!

    Still, I’d take girdles over girl parts any day!!!

  3. -A

    She’s skin and bones. What in the hell does she need with a girdle/bodysuit?! To keep her hipbones from ripping the dress open?

    But dear god, the woman looks so out of place. Somewhat well dressed, but so out of her element. Nice to see Tom let her outside though.

  4. lisard

    She has great, enviable clothes now, but always looks like a little girl playing dress up to me.

  5. MizLiz

    Good lord, she looks scary. Some articles are saying she’s had a nose job, but it looks like cheek implants as well. She used to be so sweet and pretty-looking, now she’s just cold and hard. I feel so sorry for her parents. They must not even recognize her any more.

  6. Fabiola

    Who did she borrow that dress from? Nancy Reagan?

    And yes, MizLiz, I agree with you.She looks like she’s had some work done.

  7. Lisa

    Folks, I think those are thigh-high stockings, not a girdle. Even if it is a girdle, anyone remember how defiant and jiggly their bellies were after giving birth? Katie may have chosen bizzarro man to father her children, but she looks beautiful in that gown.

  8. Being the woman of a Scientology “Good” is paying of…As Scientoly rule, women shoud have nice clothes and nice things. Paying off their conscience?

  9. ...

    I could give a crap about her or her crazy “husband” but her nose really does look “altered” to me.

    But now she’s got the “Renee Zellweger” squint… what is up with THAT??

  10. Amy

    I think she had her whole face done,her jaw line, her brow,her eyes are not droopy like they used to be and yes, her cheeks, overall – her face is too thin and naturally that does not go away with weight loss.

  11. Michael

    I think 26 is the midlife-crisis age for women who trade on their beauty. My ex-gf flipped out at the same age. She didn’t marry Tom Cruise, just became obsessed with an obese failed rapper. And she has begun to look exactly the same way. Drawn and withered. Desperation will cause bad choices; bad choices will cause stress; stress will cause loss of beauty. In more religious times, they used to call it a “fall from grace.”

  12. HelenSparkles

    it looks like she is making good use of a wedding gown.

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