Katie Holmes Gets Nude

August 1st, 2005 // 14 Comments

Sort of. For the Katie Holmes action figure (hehe) for Batman Returns a mortified Katie had to pose in a transparent spandex bodysuit.

She moaned: “I had to wear a nude spandex bodysuit, which showed everything” .

Katie has also admitted she was terrified she wasn’t going to be good enough in the hit comic-book film. The screen beauty, who starred in the movie alongside veteran actors Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson, revealed: “I was like, ‘Please God, don’t let them fire me. Let me spit out my lines Please’.

“Michael Caine said one of my takes was good I think I called my mom immediately!”

No wonder Tom chose her; she’s filled with insecurity. Ripe for the molding.

Katie Holmes’ naked nightmare [FemaleFirst]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sarah

    That doesn’t even look like Katie Holmes.

  2. Cynthia

    Yeah, where’s her Scientology Constant Companion?

  3. Debbie

    Are you sure that’s Katie Holmes? It looks like Jennifer Lopez.

  4. doofus

    no, it doesn’t look like her, but it IS her.

    the magic of airbrushing/photoshop…

    check out…


    go to “portfolio”, click on any picture and, after it loads, roll your mouse over it to see the “untouched” picture.

    it’s pretty scary what can be done to make celebrities look good.

    the fifth pic in from the left, of Vivica Fox, is a good example.

  5. Jossip

    Katie Holmes is absolutely right, she ISN’T good enough for the role in Batman. And they DID fire her (well, sort of…) as she is dropped in the next Batman movie.

    Thank God.

  6. chingchoi

    she looks totally different in a good way. but that dress??!!

    is that a pantyliner hanging between her cleavage??!!

  7. Geri

    I feel for her parents. Tom Cruise for a son-in-law. Love to be a fly on the wall for family get togethers.

    You think they’ll get married around the time Mission Impossible III comes out?

  8. doofus

    hey, jossip…

    I agree with you on her “abilities”…I saw the Batman movie, really liked everything about it, except for her. she was SO wooden on every line she read. and what’s with that stupid half-mouth-curl of a smile? her facial expressions (which seem to be the extent of her acting abilities…), while slightly endearing on the Creek, do nothing more for her now other than make her look she’s in pain.

    I heard that about the movie too…that they re-hired everyone for the next one except for her. THANK GAWD for THAT!

  9. reesha

    ok, so why does she look like J-LO in this picture?

  10. sarah

    OMG! doofus

    that is one of the scariest, strangest, freakiest, things i’ve ever seen at http://glennferon.com.

    Alicia keys and viciac fox looked so different, but they looked liked paintings. Everything looked soooooooooo fake!! It, was just so… weird.

    Like the pic of destiny’s child, the black and white one, they all have more makeup on, but the thing that I thought was hilarous, was in the original photo, they’re boobs were so much smaller then in the photoshop one. One of beyonce’s boob practically inflates, kelly’s boobs are pushed up more, and michelle’s chest goes out farther.

    everyone reading this has to go to this website; you’ll enjoy it, be frightened by it, or just simply amused.

  11. Spaz Cadet

    Ew. She looks like she got clocked in the face and someone tried to make her into a fem-bot with second-rate materials. WTF do these Scientologists do to people? Suck their brains out?

    Katie, dump the zero, get with a hero.

  12. Trisha

    She is GORGEOUS!!

  13. gia

    oh my god she is wearing pounds of make up & that is some seriously intense airbrushing.
    she sucked big time in Batman. her inferior acting totally ruined every scene she was in & made me realize i was watching a movie. i couldnt just relax & be absorbed into the scene because she was so horrible.

  14. wandering

    1. That website is very amusing, definitely worth taking a look at.
    2. Why does everyone end up looking so orange in their final shots…or is it just the settings on my monitor?
    3. Why does this retouch artist only work for black people? Anyone notice not one white folk in the bunch?

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