The NASDAQ Makes Like Anita Ward for the Cast of “Mad Money”

Good times! Rich ladies! During the continued promotion of their film together, “Mad Money,” Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton and Katie Holmes all rang in the NASDAQ stock market opening bell this morning in New York City. Katie’s cute and all, but her haircut is looking a little too logical for my taste on this particular day.

I love Diane Keaton’s two-toned hair color going on here and Queen’s long pony-tail is looking very glamorous and worth whatever it cost. Poor Diane, though, I’m guessing that all of those aggressive men in suits down on the floor probably have her very uncomfortable, so it looks like she’s taking refuge behind her two compadres at various points during the event. And every now and then, I feel like we catch Katie realizing for a moment before suppressing the thought completely, “My marriage is a sham.”

Photos: Getty Images

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Photos: Getty Images