Katie Holmes, Baby Factory Back in Production?

June 19th, 2007 // 23 Comments

Katie Holmes has already expressed an interest in having more children, answering “Yes, definitely,” to the question of whether or not she plans on expanding her family with Tom Cruise. And now, The Daily Mail reports that the “now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t” baby bump they’ve spotted on Katie Holmes isn’t the only reason they believe the young Mrs. Cruise to be with child.

Still, some sources insist she is pregnant.

According to The Sun, one said: “Katie and Tom are thrilled to be having another baby on the way. She’s glowing with happiness.

I’m so over these two. I mean, Suri doesn’t have horns or a third eye, so I’m kind of like, “Eh,” even if Katie is pregnant again. If it weren’t for the fact that she and Posh seem to be playing “Olsen twins,” I probably wouldn’t even notice her anymore.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. anonymous

    If she is pregnant again, she is a dumb broad. As soon as Tom gets sick of her he is moving on to a new and improved chic and she will be left with 2 kids and a horrible body.

  2. green cardigan

    I think her controls are in the hand that Tom is holding. ‘Walk’ ‘Smile’ ‘Turn’ ‘Bamp Bump Increse / Reduce’ are all digits on a control panel that is embedded on her palm.

  3. Kelsey

    Can she not even walk for herself anymore??

  4. Village

    Why is she having another kid, because when he kicks her out he is going to keep the kids. Is she crazy? He wouldn’t even let Nicole keep the kids they adopted, and she thinks she is leaving with the real ones? Hello. I feel so sorry for her.

  5. Zekers

    Tom has several android versions of his lovely wife. He picks whatever one suits the situation. The real Katie is locked away because she was found to be… degraded.

  6. deedee

    That beige dress is AMAZING! Except maybe for the weird moldable hemline. I’m not quite sure about that. But overall, she looks fanTAStic.

    And as usual, Tom Cruise looks like a bloated douche.

  7. Lily

    She looks beautiful… and happy, I might add. I imagine my husband would hold my hand that way if I was pregnant and walking through the paparazzi :)

  8. T-Bone

    Yeah – it’s kind of a stylish/Jackie O look. I like it. But she also looks like a Stepford Wife.

  9. NJ

    She does look beautiful.

    I love her.

  10. Happy

    They seem happy, lets just let them be happy. I would appreciate my husband holding my hand and be attentive as Tom seems to be to Katie.

  11. Happy

    They seem happy, lets just let them be happy. I would appreciate my husband holding my hand and be attentive as Tom seems to be to Katie.

  12. T-Bone

    Shakes Lily…

    Wake up Lily, wake up…

  13. Lily

    Um, what? LOL

  14. Courtney

    Ugh, that beige dress is horrible. It looks like a prom dress from Wet Seal.

    Anytime I see people saying “they look happy, leave them alone, they’re both so great” the only thing I can assume is that the offices at the Celebrity Center have assistants who troll the blogs spouting off how great Scientologists are. When they’re not off fixing Parade polls, natch.

  15. green cardigan

    Of course she’s happy ! She’s been programmed to be happy. Tom is no fool. There is nothing worse than a miserable robowife

  16. Lily

    Oh, OK.

    I’m just saying they look happy because they do. I thought you were just assumming they’re unhappy… I didn’t realize that some people on this blog actually have inside information and don’t just go by what they hear.

    Sorry :)

    Oh, and I’m Armenian Orthodox.

  17. jeremy

    well, it’s not the hand-holding that makes tom seem to be controlling as much as it’s his definite grip on katie’s arm in the third picture. blech.

  18. Cheesy

    How does Xenu feel about spray tans? Xenu-knows, that dress makes the poor woman look more washed out then ever!

    Seriously, though, it’s kind of scary the way Tom leads that woman around. We all know her Tom-approved vocab is restricted to “amazing” and ‘wonderful,” but seriously, is she so incapable of walking by herself? Tom must be terribly afraid she’s going to walk into a non-believer and the spell will be broken.


    P.S. I also note that Tom is taller than Kate again.

  19. Jennifer

    I dunno, yeah she’s uber skinny, even in the cream colored dress I see a lil something… I wouldn’t be surprised.

  20. Brunette

    i love these two…honestly. BUT theres something odd about these pictures of Katie.

    First of all she doesnt LOOK like Katie. She looks like another woman. (weird)

    Second, she looks really stiff… Like she’s been given something to calm her down – or perk her up. Happy Pills Anyone?

    Third and Lastly, Tom looks taller than her.

    I don’t think that’s Katie *shiver*

  21. Jen

    hahahaha, if he paid her little attention, ya’ll would have something to say to that too. You will never be happy, no matter what they do. WHO CARES!? Its their life, not yours, so let it go. They APPEAR to be happy and she knows what she’s doing.

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