Katie Holmes And Brooke Shields Share The Love

Ooooooh. The two stars are wearing the same Cartier Love bracelet. What does this all mean?

After giving birth in the same hospital on the same day, the mother of Tom Cruise’s child and his target of a much-discussed on air attack are — in a weird coincidence — wearing identical Cartier Love bracelets. Cruise bought his sweetie one as a Mother’s Day gift, according to a source. “She was spotted wearing the bracelet at her first public appearance since the arrival of [daughter] Suri at the L.A. ‘Mission: Impossible 3′ premiere,” a source tells the Scoop. “Since then, it appears Katie hasn’t taken Tom’s token of love off her wrist.”

Shields has worn the bracelet a little longer. “I doubt Britney [Spears] will get any such item from her hubby,” quips the source, “but I guess a gal can dream!”

Holmes, Shields share special love token [Scoop]