Katie Holmes And The Missing 16 Days

June 21st, 2005 // 18 Comments

It seems that our dear innocent Katie was missing for some 16 days in April. Her family and friends had no idea where she was. Katie was out and about in public up until April 11th, and the next time she was seen was on April 27th. The date that she made her first appearance as the most magnificent girlfriend of Tom Cruise. Quite a bit happened during those 16 days.

Somewhere during that time, she decided to fire both her manager and agent, each of whom she had been with for years and who were devoted to her.

Holmes also acquired a new best friend, Jessica Feshbach, the daughter of Joe Feshbach, a controversial Palo Alto, Calif., bond trader. The Feshbach family, according to published documents, has donated millions to the Church of Scientology. Jessica’s aunt even runs a Scientology center in Florida.

There is some fear among Holmes’ close circle that her instant romance with Cruise is not as organic as portrayed.
For one thing, Holmes was raised a strict Catholic. Also, gone from the picture are two close Holmes friends who used to be with her when she did publicity for a film. One of these is Meghann Birie, a childhood friend who has suddenly disappeared from Holmes’ world. Another, a local TV producer here in New York, was too afraid to discuss the situation with me.

We know that Cruise auditioned several actresses for this role before settling on Holmes. This column reported a story about Jennifer Garner. There have been published stories about Kate Bosworth, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba being approached. A newer one involves Scarlett Johansson, who ran for her life when presented with a fait accompli dinner at the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood.

Who knows what she was all doing. Maybe she was spending her time filling out the Church of Scientology “Sec Whole Track’ questionnaire. The internal church document was developed by Scientology founder and onetime science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard for use during “auditing” sessions. Radar has a sampling of the questions – here are a few:

  • Did you come to Earth for evil purposes?
  • ?

  • Are you in hiding?
  • ?

  • Have you ever made a practice of confusing people?
  • ?

  • Have you ever gone crazy?
  • ?

  • Have you ever smothered a baby?
  • ?

  • Have you ever castrated anyone?
  • ?

  • Do you deserve to be enslaved?

I’m pretty sure this is how Katie would have answered. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. No. No. Yes.

The big problem that I have with Scientology is that the members are always with the celebrity Scientologists. In France, Tom’s Scientology entourage took up two and a half floors of a hotel. That seems like that’s a lot of Scientologists for one person (or two, if you’re counting Katie as a budding Scientologist).

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Update: Bethany was my editor on this post. Kisses.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. A Boy and His Dog

    Holy shit batman’s girlfriend!

  2. doofus

    the story of “tomkat” just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

    first there’s the declaration of “love!” after having just met. even tho they’re “so in love”, neither one can remember how they met. then we start to hear how he “auditioned” other young actresses for the role of his girlfriend. then, we hear how she’s leaving the catholic church and converting to scientology, and has shunned most of her friends to hang out with her new “best friend” who just happens to be a scientologist too…who also interrupts her interviews when the questioning gets “out of line”…

    Now THIS?

    Free Katie Now!

  3. dd

    tom and his cultmembers brainwashed her during that time, don’t you think?

  4. mello85

    it’s a very dangerous cult. she needs help now.

  5. Brentwood

    Before I say this let me state the fact that I am a white person. lol, Ok. So we all know that every race has it’s cluster of people who make it look bad. And Tom is making himself, americans, whites, and celebrities look like idiots. He has to be the most fucked up celebrity. Cuz I ain’t never heard of no shit like this!! And why we as celebrity obsessed americans are eating this stuff up is something I will never know. But I don’t like Tom “80′s Icon” Cruise anymore, he’s just a flat out disappointment. Katie and anyone else in a relationship like this get yourself out while you still can!!

  6. typerT

    Free Katie? She is 26 years old; she is an adult. She is just “star-struck” and “no matter what happens, I Still Dated The Tom Cruise”. She knows what she is doing and doesn’t mind all the publicity. As for Tom? Well, he will always live in denial and continue to prey on girls that 1~do not have a career, 2~ are looking for their “big break” and 3~ cannot think for themselves and are “Clouded” by the lights of fame.

  7. Erica

    Free katie?? I guess not everyone read that she is making $5Mil over 5 years for this “relationship.” I say “You go girl! Get that money!” In 5 years she’ll be young enough to move on.

  8. Brentwood

    yeah, you’re right erica i missed that part. You go katie. I’d marry anybody if I got 5 mil out of it for five years! GO KATIE GO KATIE!

  9. Bethany

    Fire your editor Miu, or let me buy you that book! Homonyms dear! HOMONYMS! Love the kicky new colors though.

  10. Brian

    5 million for 5 years? His P.R. department is making more than that already,trying to convince people this is for real.Now THEY are earning their money,poor bastards! Sounds like a pretty lousy deal to me. Hell,even the ring is TINY by hollywood standards.

  11. ma

    He is starting to remind me of his charachter in “Magnolia”.

  12. Mark

    I thought Tom Cruise paid big bucks to a young gentleman several years ago (when he was still married to Nicole Kidman)to squelch growing publicity over his affair with the man. Do I remember correctly?
    Maybe So

  13. anonymous

    Katie looks so brainwashed these days. I also find it “interesting” that two busy actors (who are not in the same film) just “happen” to be free to spend so much time together. Normally, wouldn’t Katie be busy with previous commitments for her own career? Why does it seem now that her only “job” is to follow Cruise around? And in every one of the photos, she looks like she is being led around by a midget with a Napoleon complex! There is no way that this “relationship” is in any way equal, like a mature one leading to marriage should. In every photograph and/or interview she is holding Tom’s hand like it is vital to her survival and like she herself doesn’t feel worthy. This type of sudden “self-esteem” is very temporary and usually ends up backfiring.
    Also, in every interview/photo op, she is constantly running up to Tom like a child seeking love and approval from a parental figure, rather than a mature young woman. It really makes TC look like a mental giant hanging around with this child-woman. It also furthers my opinion that TC is a control-freak egomaniac who wanted someone he could mold in his own likeness. It’s working so far, but when the “little girl” grows up and realizes that the TC of her childhood dreams doesn’t exist, where will she be? She should realize that as bright and charismatic as NK is, (and she is a Mensa member compared to KH) TC dumped her without batting an eye. And the best predictor of the future is usually the past….. Don’t flatter yourself “Kate”, the world is made up of tons of fools who think that it will be “different” with them!

  14. Scientology gives me the creeps.

    What utter, looney freaks!

  15. comment

    somethin’s not right about this whole saga- the cast, plot and action. This thriller has me sitting on the edge of my seat with chills running through my spine. well, hope the denoument doesn’t end in tragedy.

  16. lauren

    i think u should all leave them alone. no-one really knows the facts and people are making these stupid asumptions about katie being brainwashed and that she is being paid. maybe they do just actually love each other.

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