Katie Holmes In Red And Shilling That Terrible-Looking Movie

January 15th, 2008 // 14 Comments

Here’s some shots of Katie Holmes still riding the “Mad Money” train, and making her way into her Letterman appearance. Did anyone see the commercial for “Mad Money”? Holy god, does that look bad. If I wanted to watch an old woman, a lesbian and a cult wife roll around on a blanket of stolen cash I’d…..on second thought, maybe I do want to see that movie. That’s a hot storyline. Why is Katie constantly aging herself up with these get-ups? Yes, she looks put together but she’s not forty. Please refer to that Rolling Stone cover from years back when she was a hot teen on a tire swing. She should stick with that look. Just wear white t-shirts and denim shorts and carry a tire swing around to look seductive on. I know that might be difficult to transport but I’m sure you can get a limo big enough to house it. Hell, your limo already fits Xenu, that child that’s not biologically yours, Tom’s repressed sexuality, and a whole army of Scientology officials to make sure you don’t escape. It can fit a tire swing.

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More photos of Katie Holmes arriving at David Letterman for her appearance are after the jump.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Jen

    What is with the glasses? I swear she LOOKS like an alien…is that the intent?

  2. green cardigan

    I really wish Katie Cankles would stop taking ‘style’ tips from Posh Spice. She’s starting to look like Michael Jackson. This sultry diva look, or whatever it is she is trying for, just isn’t happening.

  3. ms conception

    Weird thing about the “tire swing” pic. That picture is flashed in a memories sequence in Tom Cruise’s movie Vanilla Sky! It’s so creepy in that movie but even creepier is that years later they are married! Yikes

  4. peachpie

    am i a prude? old fashioned? omg, am i my mother?!?! i do NOT think katie looks to be 40 in these photos. i’m older than 40 and i would never, ever wear a dress or coat that short. i think katie dresses beautifully and age-appropriately. yeah, she’s sort of poshified, but it could be worse. she could be kate mossified. or britneyified. or ashlee simpsonified. i say she looks great!

  5. SprinklerBandit

    This has got to be the funniest thing I’ve read in a while.

  6. Priss

    I think she looks fabulous! Just because she doesn’t dress seductively is no reason to knock her fashion sense. She is very fashionable. I think it’s refreshing to see a young mom take pride in her role and cover herself up. There’s no reason to put her down for it. Hollywood is too “sexed” up as it is! I admire Katie and her fashion sense.

  7. T-Bone

    I think she looks great too, but I tend to like a more classic style. Posh Spice, on the other hand, doesn’t ever look this good (my opinion of course ;)

  8. PinkWeenie

    She looks fab as usual.

    JH you are such a nasty jealous bitch, always especially mean to this sweet young lady.

  9. blah

    She looks great and her body is insane. I’d kill for legs like that.

  10. Persistent Cat

    I love that outfit. Hate the sunglasses, love everything else. Her legs have been looking better, less cankle-y. Mine are still better though.

  11. Shar

    She used to have such thick unattractive legs. Goes to show that with a celebrity trainer anything is possible!

  12. Michele

    First a positive comment: Fantastic legs. Now for the negative: What the hell happened to this woman??? The transformation from young, beautiful and spontaneous beauty to a Anna Wintour, older ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ look. I really like Tom Cruise but the Scientology influence on Katy is really starting to show: scripted and controlled. She’s probably being ‘audited’ to death. Don’t know what auditing means in Scientology? Look it up.

  13. wasp

    I think she is trying to go for that old school elegant glamor. At first she was horrible with it but it seems that she has found her groove. I actually like this look. She looks like a LADY… get it? LADY people. Not half naked or like she got some clothes out of the dumpster. L-A-D-Y…

  14. silvarga

    Yes, a L-A-D-Y… O-F A C-E-R-T-A-I-N A-G-E. And that age is 40. Which she is N-O-T

    But more importantly, she’s not really dressed in a manner befitting the movie she’s in or the role she plays in it. Her outfit would be great for a Hitchcock-like suspense-thriller or a drama befitting Audrey Hepburn.

    But for Mad f*cking Money? forget it. Just because she married into the A-list doesn’t mean we’ll suddenly hold her in the same regard as Cate Blanchett.

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