Tom Cruise Allows Katie Holmes To Go On “Good Morning America” And Read From Approved Script

A very Buck Rogers from the 21st century looking Katie Holmes was on “Good Morning America” today to promote her new movie, “Mad Money”. This is considered a “rare” interview because you know her husband and his church want to monitor everything she says in case she outs some facet of the church. Or her husband. She towed the line like she was supposed to. About her wedding, Katie says “I got ready and I was so excited. And I, you know, I looked at my dad, and said ‘Honestly, do I look OK? I mean, this is important to me.’ You know, he was really sweet. He said, ‘You look great.’ And the moment that the doors opened and I saw Tom, I was just locked in. I mean, it was so magical. It was perfect.” “Locked in” is right! As in jail! She signed an agreement and she’s been working the Tom Cruise celebrity wife chaingang ever since. Katie spoke about Suri and Tom and tried to spin everything in her chilling life as normal, and not a prison with invisible bars. She says they go to FAO Schwartz and play with the toys, and “It’s fun for adults. You get carried away.” Tom was carried away in the Barbie section. You know it.