Katie Holmes Tells In Style Her Love for Tom Takes Her Breath Away

December 13th, 2007 // 26 Comments

Katie Holmes made the cover of In Style magazine, and talked about the sense of fulfillment she gets from being a mother, and just how deeply in love she is with her husband, Tom. She admits that theirs was a whirlwind romance, but that she’s still swept of her feet regularly by her guy. “I still get like that, ‘Whew.’ When you fall in love, it’s as though time stops. It’s all-encompassing.” I guess, I still don’t quite know what to make of these. However, I’ve got no doubts about the fact that she looks great in these pictures. I’m really liking the hair-cut with a little curl to it. I still can’t believe this woman had a baby–I especially love her black, body-hugging dress with the one strap where she looks glamorous as all hell.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Applespice

    I’d put more money on it that the reason for her lack of breath has more to do with the tightness of those pants… wow those things look like they’re about to split!

  2. Maria

    Oh Gawd.. she wants to be Nicole so BAD! It crax me up :)

    Looking at those pic’s.. Katie have the emotional depth of a mash potatoes.

  3. justsaying

    so, when did she become an a-list actress? Was that before or after dawson’s creek and…wait i have no idea what else she’s been in..

  4. justsaying

    so, when did she become an a-list actress? Was that before or after dawson’s creek and…wait i have no idea what else she’s been in..

  5. sara

    she rocks the jackie o look. still don’t understand tom cruise’s appeal, though.

    she has been in a few interesting indie films, including “pieces of april,” which got her acclaim, but the only reason she is called “a-list” is because of tom. “teaching mrs. tingle” was not one for the oscars!

  6. what?

    she says these things because that’s just what the contract states that she HAS to say……in reality, she sleeps in a different wing of their mansion….he takes her breath away, give me a break!!!

  7. emma

    Yeah, photoshop is certainly a mom’s best friend. I’m just curious why they don’t even attempt to make the celebs look real? It’s like they’ve given up all pretense of keeping even their natural figure or skin tone. It’s not as if we don’t see paparazzi photos that show her actual figure and coloring, so we don’t know the difference. Bizarre. Katie looks like a fake version of Katie here. It’s sad because she’s got such a pretty face, there’s no need to alter her so much. Or she had a pretty face at some point.

    I really don’t care about her words about her marriage, though – of course she says that, they all say that because they’re supposed to say that about their celebrity spouse. Who has every said differently (before divorce)? No one. It seems like such a waste of paper.

    I don’t know when she became an “A-list actress” either, unless they mean she has acted and she also is now on the A-list of celebrities? Because those two certainly aren’t linked….

  8. Michelle

    Oh please! All of the caption on these photos all say stuff about her “effortless style”. Effortless? Innate? I think not. She used to have absolutely NO style – THAT was her “effortless style”. She obviously makes an effort now. And while she looks great now, I don’t think it comes naturally to her. The way she used to look before landing the mother load of cash, Cruise, was her natural look. What a load of crap. Same thing with the caption calling her “A-List”. For WHAT? What has she ever been in that would qualify her for that. I mean, Tom Cruise has been IN HER, I guess that’s all it takes.

  9. stolidog

    Sorry, but that closeup in the black jacket looks like Sweeney Todd used his razors for her plastic surgery. She’s trying, but failing, to emulate Angie Jolie’s plastic surgery.

  10. Chesley

    A-List?! Bwwwwahhhh-haaaaa! YEAH, RIGHT?!! In who’s world is KatE Holmes an A-lister? Don’t think so. This robo-wife and her creepier than ever “husband” just totally gross me out and it gets worse every time I see her dead eyes.

  11. Aeol

    A-List, InStyle you are a bunch of pricks. Yes, thank you for reminding us what $200 million can do for a girl in the span of 2 1/2 years by showing that April 2005 cover. If I were her, I’d be the happiest girl in the world too – she and her daughter clearly adore each other and can have anything their hearts desire. Except for true love, of course. But even that’s possible if she’s discreet. Until then she’ll just have to live with her love of money.

  12. Hey Cupcake

    Stylist: “Another 2 pounds of blush, sweetie, and you’ll have cheekbones!”

  13. gail

    I think she looks really good…but effortless? Umm, no.

  14. shadygoddess13

    she looks like she’s wearing Luciano Pavarotti’s “Pagliacci” clown shirt as a dress in that one photo!!! LOL

  15. breezy

    as real as her running the new york marathon

  16. breezy

    as real as her running the new york marathon with no bra

  17. Persistent Cat

    Her cankles were airbrushed out. She is very pretty though.

  18. blah

    I don’t know why I expected to see comments saying how great she looks. The whole effortless comment was a little ridiculous. No one looks like that without working hard at it. She just ran a marathon people! Of course her body is awesome. I think she looks gorgeous! Yes, now she has the money to look that good, but how many of us would continue to shop at the mall if we had in excess of 500 million dollars at our disposal? Get over it! She looks fab.

  19. Granger

    I don’t get the comment “I still don’t believe this woman had a baby.” Isn’t Suri over one year old? Why shouldn’t a woman look fit and fabulous one-year post-partum? It’s entirely possible for ANY woman with a little discipline and energy, and especially possible for one with as much money and time as Katie Holmes has at her disposal.

    And I agree with all the comments laughing at her supposed A-list status. Money makes the world go round, baby. But it doesn’t necessarily make your career move forward. Check out Kelly Preston. Marrying Travolta might have given her rich Hollywood “royalty” status, but her career has completely stalled. Same with Spielberg’s wife, Kate Capshaw, just to name two. Katie isn’t a strong enough actress OR personality to have any kind of longevity in Hollywood. But Tom’s signed his own “death” warrant anyway, with all his crazy Scientology antics over the last couple of years. There are many people in the business who don’t want anything to do with him anymore, and his last two films bombed at the box office. His days are numbered. Count on it.

  20. Pia

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Katie’s suit on the cover!

    She looks so sharp and feminine at the same time!


    Check out my new tv show coming January ’08!


  21. Pia

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Katie’s suit on the cover!

    She looks so sharp and feminine at the same time!


    Check out my new tv show coming January ’08!


  22. Logan

    Tommi has no right to have this young sweet girl. He is a borish pig! How dare he defile her with his perverted self. He is such a sick freak. I’m astonished to read that she is so much in love with him. Is this real? Or just a nightmare?

  23. NC


  24. Vic

    So, so funny – A list? What list are they referring to? Does the “A” stand for “average”? This gal has been photoshopped to death! Where’s those humongous legs? Since when did this magazine try to blow so much smoke? I think the term for what she felt for Tom is called lust – not love! When her infatuation goes away (and it will) she’ll be totally lost.

  25. dia

    Tom, the legend, deserve another legend, not that piece of shit of a c list actor

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