Katie Holmes Runs the NYC Marathon, Then Glams It Up for the Cameras

Katie Holmes is blowing my mind at the moment. The young mom ran the New York City marathon and then spent the evening at a screening for her husband’s new film, “Lions for Lamps,” in the city. That means that this woman spent five and a half hours RUNNING THROUGH THE STREETS OF NEW YORK and then got dolled up for a screening, even putting on some heels for the event. According to her hubby, Tom Cruise:

“She was impressive. She trained just a little over two months,” he said. “It’s impressive, so much fun today.”

Katie, for her part, had this to say:

“I’m a little tired, but it was worth it,”

OK, I’m feeling two strong emotions here. I’m both really impressed, but at the same time suspicious that my old theory that the real Katie Holmes was kidnapped and replaced by a super, baby-making robot might actually hold water.

Photos: WENN