Katie Holmes Runs the NYC Marathon, Then Glams It Up for the Cameras

November 5th, 2007 // 12 Comments

Katie Holmes is blowing my mind at the moment. The young mom ran the New York City marathon and then spent the evening at a screening for her husband’s new film, “Lions for Lamps,” in the city. That means that this woman spent five and a half hours RUNNING THROUGH THE STREETS OF NEW YORK and then got dolled up for a screening, even putting on some heels for the event. According to her hubby, Tom Cruise:

“She was impressive. She trained just a little over two months,” he said. “It’s impressive, so much fun today.”

Katie, for her part, had this to say:

“I’m a little tired, but it was worth it,”

OK, I’m feeling two strong emotions here. I’m both really impressed, but at the same time suspicious that my old theory that the real Katie Holmes was kidnapped and replaced by a super, baby-making robot might actually hold water.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Roxanne

    That turtleneck on Tom is SOOO CHEESEY!

    Gross. How did she let him leave the apt. like that? Better yet, how did his boyfriend let him skip out like that? Ugh!

  2. Nanc'

    I’m impressed with her! I’m retired military and I wouldn’t attempt the New York City marathon. She did it in 5 1/2 hours; how many of us could do it at all? Honestly, I didn’t think she had it in her!

  3. Granger

    What an amazing accomplishment (the running, not the film premiere), and Katie should be proud. But I have to say — in all my pent-up bitterness over how the really wealthy live — what other young mom of a 17-month-old baby has the time or energy to train for a 26 mile marathon in just two months???? Not saying she’s a bad mom, because we see her with Suri a fair bit (although always shopping or boarding airplanes, it seems), but it must be so nice to have all those nannies to watch the kid for you while you run however many miles a day to get ready for your race. And then, of course, after training sessions, you head home for an hour with your personal masseuse, followed by a healthy meal cooked up by your full-time chef, and then there are the weekly visits to the spa for some REAL pampering… Sigh. I am seriously jealous.

  4. T-Bone

    Again, good for Katy! She had to work as hard as everyone else for this. No easy way out. Proud of her!

  5. Heather Sullivan

    Oh, Please. How coincidental that the screening of his new movie was the same day that his “wife” ran the marathon. It’s all about publicity. I’m sure she got a nice bonus for her 5 1/2 hours running and to take some cute photos with the family afterwards. Tom is such a douche.

    Also, where the hell was she training? If she was running around Beverly Hills, the paps wouldn’t have caught some photos???? Maybe at the Scientology compound. WEIRD.

  6. Wendy

    Tom must have forgotten his lifts back at the Scientology compound.

  7. kat

    There he goes, showing off his trophy wife again. He looks more ridiculous every day. I used to think she needed him to boost her self-esteem, but judging by the way he grabs her hands, I wonder if it’s actually Tom that lacks the self-esteem. Mid-life crisis is no fun, but grabbing on to this young girl ain’t gonna bring it back, no matter how hard he tries.

  8. Jana

    Good job Katie.. very impressive run :) Now you need to lose the tomtom

  9. aw

    Oh, please. Katie Holmes did not run the NYC marathon, she walked it. She used her celebrity status to get a high entry number. People like her ruin it for those around them that have actually trained and are then forced to listen to the crowd cheer on the celebrity. I can run a marathon nearly 2 1/2 hours faster than her. The least she could have done was to ‘run’ for charity and not as a PR move.

  10. FeistyFreedomGirl

    She ran a marathon and then wore heels that night?! Incredible! I ran a marathon and had three toe nails “pop” off while running and I had a difficult time walking for next few days because my muscles hurt so badly. Marathons are hard and anyone who completes one, no matter in what time frame, has my admiration.

  11. rdiggity1

    This article is highly suspicious, it seems implausible for all the facts to be correct. However good for her in any event.

  12. Eileen

    Am I terrible to think they dropped her off a mile from the end. She’s not even wearing a bra, and then to wear heels later? And she’s not sweating…is that humanly possible. Where are the bleeding nipples, bruised heels, and missing toenails so many experience?

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