Katie Holmes Looks Happier Than We’ve Seen Her In Months

May 27th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Can you see the change? Katie Holmes has been given a little freedom and it’s re-awakened her soul! Here she is in NYC, prepping for her role on Broadway in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons. I’m not sure how she got husband Tom Cruise‘s tracking device off but maybe her incredibly handsome co-star Patrick Wilson helped.

*sigh* Patrick Wilson. Let’s pause for a dreamy moment.

Shut up! I know I’m a grown man! But that smile and that commerical where he’s in his boxers and all I wanted him to do was drop Claire Danes on her ass and pick me up and take me away to wherever it is the handsomes go to cuddle and talk about their dreams and have sweaty relations. Not necessarily in that order.

Katie was seen at a Broadway theatre on Friday afternoon. She’s playing the role of Ann Deever in the play. That’s also the role she’ll check into motels under when she grabs Suri and makes her escape. Leave Patrick behind, though, Kate! You share that man, damnit!

Photos: INFDaily

More photos of Katie Holmes in New York City are after the jump.

Photos: INFDaily

By J. Harvey

  1. cyndi

    she may be smiling but it is not reaching her eyes. she looks dead in them. nicole was a hell of a lot stronger than this girl. i never really like katie before but i do feel kind of sorry for her, but she made her bed, now she has to lie in it. for how ever long the contract is for.

  2. Jeanne

    That closed-mouth smile she has mastered is not really becomming on her. She has adopted this new style, while trying to look A-list sophisticated, she ends up looking like a housewife on Prozac. She will never be a big star. It’s kind of like when Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls met Almanzo Wilder and went from cute tomboy to sophisticated wife in one season. It doesn’t fit. She’s trying to be demure like Nicole Kidman and it just looks phoney. Nothing strikingly beautiful about her at all.

  3. a fan of katie

    I know her co-star and know that she is a talented actor. if any of you out there who have ever been exposed to the grueling schedule of broadway, would appreciate her dedication and talent. we need to stop beleiving everything we read in these crazy tabloids!

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