Katie Holmes Captured And Sent To Scientology Camp

Photos: WENN

This is some creepy shit. Katie Holmes recently endured a three-day stay at Gold Base, which is The Church of Scientology’s remote stronghold in Hernet, California. Why does your religious building sound like a military encampment?

It’s where you’re sent if you’ve been bad. Bad as in trying to get away from your crazy husband by fleeing to Broadway. Without him. Katie, you in danger, girl!

Katie had to go for 36-hour “auditing” sessions, in which they hook you up to an “e-meter” machine and make you confess all your sins. She also had to undergo Scientology “purification” rituals, take tests and go with little sleep or food. Scientology doesn’t like when you think for yourself, or want to get out of your wife contract.

Her maniacal husband Tom Cruise reportedly insists that purification and auditing sessions are beneficial for Scientologists on every level. Suri better bar the door on her playpen.

Seriously, there has to be some sort of underground railroad to spirit her ass out of there. Was the money worth it?