Katie Holmes More Concerned With Finding Her Career As Opposed To Suri

Here’s Katie Holmes reacting to the questions of “Where’s your baby, bitch?” It’s true, daughter Suri Cruise hasn’t been seen for awhile. We all know why. The poor dear is probably being subjected to some bullshit Scientology ritual. Katie, retrieve your baby from Xenu!

Anyway, when Katie isn’t faking she’s dead, she’s looking for a comeback. She had a meeting with her former manager John Carrabino at the Grill in L.A. last week to discuss projects. Tom Cruise allowed this? I thought that only members of the church were allowed to guide her, counsel her, and imprison her. Kate’s first film since 2005, Mad Money, was a flop.

“She got married and had a baby,” an insider says, “so she was on hiatus. Now she’s back, and work is her focus.”

“Escape” better be her focus! Grab your baby out of that Xenu machine and away from all the chanting and go underground!

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline.com