The Daily Mail Thinks It Can Read Katie Holmes’ Mind

February 25th, 2008 // 14 Comments

Photos: Splash

The Daily Mail has just posted what looks like a pretty in-depth interview with the actress, asking her such questions as what things make her angry, which of her parents she is most like and what her idea of heaven is, to which she responded, “Falling in love with Tom and our daughter. I’m such a lucky woman. Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming.” And according to Katie’s rep, the interviewer for the Daily Mail actually was dreaming up the whole thing.

Page Six is reporting that Katie’s people are claiming that none of the questions were posed to Mrs. Cruise. According to her rep, “That story is completely made up.” Hey, Daily Mail, making shit up is our job. Leave blogging to the unprofessionals, thanks.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Eliza

    Ya know how you can tell when those British “interviews” are made up?


    When “quotations” from the American celebrities include words like “mum” instead of “MOM”); “straight away” (instead of “RIGHT away”); and “Blimey!” (instead of WOW!”).

    So when I saw that Katie Holmes referred to her mother as “mum” in the story in question, it was fairly obvious the entire thing was trumped up.

  2. cuddlesmcgee

    Actually the reporters read other previous quotes from celebrities, weigh the good and bad public feelings towards their subject at the time and mix this in with vicious slander or praise for doing something socially acceptable to make the story interesting. No one reviewed by their interest really waltzs away high marks.

  3. anonymous

    Or… just maybe it is true and the story has to be discredited so it’s being denied. who knows.

  4. Hey Cupcake

    It wouldn’t be too hard to fabricate a story from Miss Roboholmes, would it? “I am just so… happy! Tom is so… amazing! Motherhood is so… amazing! We’re all so… happy!”

  5. Sara

    That little Suri gets cuter every day, I swear it.

  6. Baileys

    Katie must have really strong arms… carrying suri around all the time. Why cant suri be on the floor again?

  7. Mizz Mezza

    Sara, do you really reckon Suri is ‘cute’? I would have said ‘weird-looking’ or ‘rodent-like.’ Why are her eyes always scrunched up into little slits? Or is that just her ‘look’?

    Incidentally, what’s going on in this pic? Katie is carrying the child (awkwardly)and a bag while Tom…. gawks at a camera. Mmmn, and i love his knitted vest with a suit. Thexy.

  8. Zekers

    Her eyes are “little slits” because there are zillions of flashes going off…’ya think?

  9. mojoman

    RoboKat definitely needs some tweaking and fine tuning if she keeps on saying those annoying words. I love my son and hubby to death but I dont obsess like that!

    Interviewer: what is your favorite color Katie?
    Katie : Oh Tom and Suri of course!

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