Katie Dons Wedding Dress For W Magazine

That’s a little scary. We don’t learn a whole lot about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise in this article, mainly because of the presence of Jessica Rodriguez, Holmes’s “Scientologist chaperone. So, what juicy tidbits does Katie give up?

Do you ever wonder whether this is just a honeymoon phase? “Tom and I will always be in our honeymoon phase.”

Has it been a challenge to make his kids feel comfortable? “They’re just exceptional people.”

Does he leave his dirty socks on the bedroom floor? Something? Anything? “No.”

Ms. Rodriguez was present during the entire interview with Katie, despite the author’s protests. This is what we learn from and about Jessica Rodriguez.

After the interview, when I ask Rodriguez how long she’s worked with Holmes–reports call her a longtime employee of the Church of Scientology–she waves her hand and says, “Oh, no, we’re just best friends…. Well, Katie has a lot of friends.” And how long have you been friends? “Oh, a while,” Rodriguez answers. “I don’t know.”

It turns out the two women were introduced only six weeks earlier–right around the time when Holmes met Cruise. (Holmes prefers to keep the details of the couple’s first date to herself, but Cruise is said to have invited her to a sushi dinner on his plane.) Rodriguez comes from a family of wealthy Bay area Scientologists; she attended a boarding school in Oregon linked to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, then went to work for the church, reportedly attaining membership in the Sea Org–Scientology’s elite religious order, whose members commit to the church for one billion years–in 1998. No one close to Holmes will venture to say exactly what Rodriguez’s role in the actress’s life is these days.

Wow. One billion years. Seems a little far reaching, doesn’t it? It’s amazing how quickly Katie has adopted Scientology as her religion.

On the day we meet, Holmes tells me she’s not a Scientologist. (Three days later, in Europe, she will announce that she has converted.) “You know, it’s really exciting,” the actress says of the religion. “I just started auditing”–Scientology’s word for receiving spiritual counseling–“and I’m taking some courses, and I really like it. I feel it’s really helping. What I like about it is that, you know, I was raised Catholic, and you can be a Catholic and a Scientologist, Jewish and a Scientologist.” Holmes went to Notre Dame Academy, a Catholic high school in Toledo, and was accepted at Columbia University before she landed the role of the lovelorn tomboy Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek. Her parents, devout Catholics, are said to be a weekly fixture at Christ the King church in Toledo. “I’m learning,” Holmes says, as the makeup artist applies eye shadow, “to celebrate my own spirit, my own being.”

No pressure from Cruise, she swears: “That’s really ludicrous because, I mean, you have to know Tom. He is the most loving, generous man who… first of all, he wants to help people. He doesn’t put pressure on people. He is the kindest, smartest, most adoring man. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be with him.”

A pleasure and a privilege? What is up with that. Kind of sounds like she’s with the Dali Lama or The Pope?

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