Katie Couric’s New Look

Girlfriend is getting a makeover for her new gig on “The CBS Evening News” in an effort to tone down her perkiness and accentuate her intellect, while maintaining a sense of gravitas. The New York Daily News has more details on the former morning show co-host:

If we didn’t suspect already that TV is about style over substance, CBS closed the case by airbrushing 3 inches off Katie Couric’s waist in her new publicity shots. The touched-up pictures are just part of an extreme makeover project ahead of her historic appearance as the first solo woman anchor of a network nightly news program. Ever since her appointment was announced, an elite team of stylists and spin doctors has been working on her image, transforming the princess of frothy morning show “Today” into a serious voice who can tackle weighty issues like the Middle East, oil prices and immigration on “The CBS Evening News.” Her face is more earnest, her tone more authoritative, and the giggling has been canned.

It’s so funny to me that they’re doing such a major overhaul on Katie. They’re acting like she’s Elle Woods or something. I’m sure she’ll do just fine, regardless of the length of her skirt or the breadth of her smile.

What? Like it’s hard?

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