Katie Couric Interviews Kimora Lee Simmons

February 28th, 2006 // 13 Comments

In case you missed Katie Couric‘s amazing interview of Kimora Lee Simmons on Today, it’s now on YouTube. Yes, Kimora Lee Simmons is such an inspiration, and Katie Couric really seemed to admire Kimora as well. She wants us to all learn by Kimora Lee Simmons example. God help us. My favorite moment in the interview was when Katie Couric asked Kimora Lee Simmons, “Was it hard for you to achieve fabulosity? For you personally?” It was for Kimora, because she grew up in the Midwest, in St. Louis.

(via Shelf Life: Monstrosity – WOW Report)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    Well the interview wont load on my computer but based on the other post you had on the Kimora the other day … i’m sure she said some very intelligent and smart things. LOL !!

  2. ThrillKill

    Don’t worry Tia, based on Katie’s hack style of ‘perky news personality’ you can be sure of two things.

    If the person being interviewed is in the entertainment industry, Katie is perky, innnane and gives the person the interview equivalent of a blowjob.

    If the person being interviewed is in the field of politics, Katie is plucky, innane, and trying to act like she’s giving a hardball interview and actually understands the questions she’s asking.

    She is a completely empty vessel.

    Kimmora, well, empty vessel there too, so…
    my suggestions is put a glass and vase on a shelf together and watch for three-to-five minutes. You will have a more intellectually stimulating exchange.

  3. Candice

    Well I like her. She’s fun and it isn’t intended to be rocket science.

  4. meeee

    I didn’t like her, but now I kind of do. She has a positive vibe to her. Her little girls are adorable.

    She’s lost weight too, which helps. :)

  5. Chris

    You can eat my ass with your St Louis comments.
    You’re so fabulous because you were born in New York and have never done anyting with your life excpet this shitty blog and you poor grammer.

  6. ThrillKill right on! I can’t believe I wasted three minutes of my life watching this. Kimora is so fake.

  7. Small Fry

    Whoa, whoa, whoa Chris. I think it was Kimora who made the midwest comment. And besides, you’re here reading and posting on this “shitty” blog, so it can’t be all that “shitty”, right?

  8. Katie

    I’d also like to add that Chris doesn’t exactly have stellar grammer skills either….Note the words “and YOU poor grammer.” WTF was that? Dar!!

  9. Lori

    I’m from St. Louis and I have achieved fabulosity. I also know that Miss. Kimora (who was amazingly articulate in the interview) is from a not so fabulous area of st. louis. Granted, its not so hard to be fabulous when you’re able to be plucked out of obscurity to become Karl Lagerfield’s muse at 13 – but East St. Louis is – not St. Louis (yes there’s a difference) – is not the happiest place.

  10. Lisa

    Chris, you ignorant slut. It was Kimora making the comment, not Miu.

  11. Lisa

    By the way, that was a SNL reference and should not be taken seriously.

  12. c.daahl

    I never cared for Kimora in the past, and I never got how she became a supermodel of any sort, but after the interview, I do kinda like her now! What she said made a lot of sense. Also, she wasn’t as vulgar as I was expecting her to be.

  13. Tansy

    Katie and Kimora, two of my LEAST favorite celebrities, together at last. You can cut the vapid with a knife. Or should that be vapidosity?

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