Katie and Posh Celebrate With Armani in Paris

Well, well. Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes got all dressed up. The gal pals helped friend Giorgio Armani open his new boutique in Paris.

The British star wore a simple prom-style dress with one of her hallmark oversize belts, while her companion was elegant in a black velvet number with matching high-necked jacket.

Meeting up with old friends wasn’t the only reason for Mrs Beckham’s visit to Paris, though. The 32-year-old also held a meeting with cosmetics giant Coty to discuss marketing her and David’s best-selling Intimately Beckham scents across the pond. According to media reports, the glamorous couple stands to earn an extra £7 million from the range as a result of their newfound popularity stateside.

I love it when they obviously coordinate their outfits.

Victoria and Katie Make Immaculate Impression In Paris [Hello!]