Katie Price and Peter Andre Take Their Babies To LAX

My favorite serial autobiographer, Katie Price, and her husband Peter Andre attracted a sizable amount of photographers while at the airport with their kiddies, Princess Tiáamii and Junior Savva. If you look closely at Katie’s bedazzled tank top, you can see a list of what looks like the most important words in her existence, including “paparazzi, supermodel, rock n’ roll,” and a few other ones that are warped by her plentiful bosom. I’m guessing one of those words hiding in the folds of her cleavage is “boobs.” Or at least it should be.

Princess Tiáamii is totally judging us, by the way.

Photos: WENN

9 more photos of Katie Price and Peter Andre arriving in Los Angeles with their children Princess Tiáamii and Junior Savva Andreas after the jump.

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Photos: WENN