Katie Price Tastefully Promotes Her New Book, ‘Santa Baby’ [PHOTOS]

Oh, Katie Price. Leave it to you to slut up a holiday celebrating the blessed birth of Jesus.

The British press refers to Price as a “glamour model,” which is not as glossy as one who think.  Glamour models pose topless on the third page of the tabloid, Page 3. Price, quite possibly the most famous Page 3 girl, continues on her path to hussy domination to this day.  Having already “written” a few books, Price attended a photocall for her latest Nobel frontrunner, Santa Baby at The Worx Studios in London, England today (November 2nd).

PHOTOS: Katie Price And Her Boobs Go For The Gold

Referring to the live props on either side of Price, the Sun noted that “Both reindeer featured in the image look solemn and downcast, no doubt appalled by Katie’s sexualisation of the religious occasion.”

Though Price claims she’s single, the Sun reports that she’s dating rugby star, Danny Cipriani.

Click here for Price’s interview during the photocall.