Katie Price Looks For Her Protege In A New Reality Series, Promotes It By Wearing Bra & Panties [PHOTOS]

October 10th, 2011 // 1 Comment

Hot tranny mess Katie Price is launching a reality show a la Paris Hilton, except the winner of her competition won’t become Price’s bestie.  Instead, they’ll get the chance to live life a Katie Price by joining the celeb’s management company.

PHOTOS: Katie Price Adjusts Herself In Front Of The Cameras

Signed By Katie Price airs Mondays on the U.K.’s Sky TV, according to the Press Association, and Price wants competitors to know that they can’t just want to be famous.  “A lot of people that came through, you could see that they just want the fame, they’re not really interesting anything else, ’cause I could tell by the questions I was asking them,” Price explained.  “So they wouldn’t have a chance anyway. I would listen to what people are saying. They have to say the right thing. Anyone can come along to an audition and say ‘I wanna be famous, I wanna do this and that’ but then you say ‘OK, but famous for what?’”

Those who were beaten with the ugly stick need not apply, according to Price.  “Looks helps. You can’t be pig ugly, let’s be honest. You’re not going to buy a pig ugly person on a calendar are you? Well I wouldn’t. They’ve got to have looks, they’ve got to have an aura about them, a bit of star quality.”  Jeepers, tell us how you really feel.

Proving that she’s looking for some very talented halfwits to follow in her footsteps, Price posed in racy lingerie today (October 10th) to promote the series at The Worx in London.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Mary Lou

    Slathered in glowing orange goo and plastered on makeup.. gotta be a guy because she doesn’t like her own sex, see how mean she is to herself..?! HATE who I was..! I H8T3 Me now.. but I have some good parts? Oh,! and please no gay guy.. they would suffer so much with her creepy-narcissistic hypocrisy and fumbling for some action.. boozed up, shouting insults while desiring sexual advantage “Oh come on .. i made you you pile of s..T! Give me give me!

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