Katie Holmes Wears Fugly Outfit In NYC, Broadway Play Pushed Back [PHOTOS]

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Katie, Katie, Katie. Katie Holmes, what are you wearing?

The usually lovely actress–seriously, she can look like this–was spotted in New York City this afternoon wearing a less than flattering outfit. Katie paired a weird grey sweater dress with a pair of wide legged jeans, all over a button up shirt. Luckily her face looks pretty, even without all that make up.

Katie, I get it, you’re no longer under Tom’s control, you can do whatever you want, be free! But wouldn’t it be nice if you maybe put on a fitted shirt? I know Suri would appreciate it. You’ve gotta keep up with her fashion sense! Maybe Katie’s just sad that her Broadway play’s preview performances have been pushed back?

We’ve all heard about all the damage Hurricane Sandy caused in New York City, and the Great White Way was no exception. Katie’s new play, Dead Accounts, has had to push back its preview performances because of the storm. It’s OK though, because if you’re a ticket holder for a cancelled performance, you can get a free pint of ice cream. It’s true!

Katie, whatever your reason may be, all we really want is for you to be happy. And if wearing no color outfits makes you happy, then by all means, continue. But please, for the sake of the children, throw on something snazzy.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of frumpy Katie. What do you guys think of her outfit? Am I being too hard on her? Should she be allowed to wear whatever she wants? Should we chip in and send her a fitted tee? Sound off in the comments!

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