Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise And 7 Other Epic Celebrity Divorces [PHOTOS]

Ashton at the Laker's Game
Who is the mystery blonde this star is with?
Kim K and Kanye West
The two take a ride in Paris together.
Katie Feels Free!
Tom Cruise's soon to be ex-wife denies being stalked.
No matter if you’re rooting for a celebrity marriage to work, or waiting for the inevitable end, it’s always sad to hear about.

Recently Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announced their split, and even though we’ve all known Tom is crazy for a while now, it is still pretty heartbreaking. The world came to a halt when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston announced their split, and mouths were agape when we saw Elin Nordegren walk away from cheating (scumbag) husband Tiger Woods.

We got to see some marriages fall apart first hand thanks to reality television. We watched in awe as Kim Kardashian waltzed down the aisle to basketball king Kris Humphries, and as it crashed and burned. Along with husband Nick Lachey, we were shocked many of Jessica Simpson’s blonde moments, and not so shocked when the divorce was announced.

No matter what the case, divorce is sad, especially when the couples are extraordinarily beautiful and poised for success. Check out the gallery for more marriages and divorces that continue to fascinate us years later.




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