Katie Holmes Takes Suri To The Zoo, Tom Cruise’ Attorney Denies Scientology Rumors [PHOTOS]

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A Look Through The Best Years Of Katie & Tom's Relationship
We are now learning more and more concerning the odd relationship between 33-year-old actress Katie Holmes and 50-year-old Tom Cruise. Holmes has been very careful with her divorce proceedings, even using a disposable cell phone in order to hide any conversations with her lawyers from Tom. According to E! Online, Cruise’ attorney is denying that his client’s religion played any factor in the divorce settlement.

“Let me be very clear about this. The Church of Scientology played absolutely NO ROLE in the divorce settlement talks at all. Period,” attorney Bert Fields said.

Seen here, Katie Holmes takes her daughter, Suri Cruise to the Central Park Zoo in New York City on July 11th. Holmes was accompanied by her mother, Kathleen. Katie looks happy and hopeful in her sweet cream colored tee and skinny jeans. Girl is rocking the camel colored ankle boot! It’s anyone’s guess as to how little Suri is dealing with her parent’s divorce. It must be confusing as hell for her, even if she no longer has to think about the possibility of alien engrams and thetan rebirth.