Katie Holmes Gets Sexy With Co-Star Luke Kirby

Katie Holmes 2013 Met Ball
Katie in Calvin Klein at the 2013 Met Ball.
Now that she’s been single from Tom Cruise for a while now, things seem to be heating up between Katie Holmes and Canadian actor Luke Kirby.

The two star together in the movie, Mania Days, and recently filmed a very sexy looking scene together that had Katie wearing a bra top and little else as she straddled Kirby and kissed him passionately during filming.

The film is being shot in New York City and the two have been reportedly very “flirty” on set, according to a source that snitched to the Daily Mail. The source claims that Katie’s been working overtime to keep this relationship hush hush.

“The last month you rarely see her anymore. Whatever she’s trying to hide I don’t know, but she’s not going in the main entrance [of her building] any more.”

I think we all know what the most important question is. What does Suri Cruise think of all this?