Katie Holmes Finally Realized Her Marriage Was Over Last Year

RIP TomKat
Another gallery for those of you in mourning.
So I guess Katie Holmes knew that TomKat was so 2011– she was just keeping it from us.

Tom Cruise was apparently “blindsided” by the filing, but let’s be real, Cruise kind of lives on his own planet nowadays. Totally not doubting his cluelessness because we’ve all had our doubts over this marriage for yeaaaaars.

Holmes filed in New York, but like many other jet-setting, multiple home owning celebs, residency is always a little confusing. She’s more likely to gain full custody of Suri in New York, but ex-Scientologist Marty Rathbun claims that Cruise would be “stupid” to fight Holmes for custody. Rathbun, who conducted audit/confession sessions with Cruise before leaving the… church, says that Holmes has some, uh, interesting information that Cruise probably wouldn’t want leaked to the public. Uh oh.

I’m not surprised if this is true, but I’m curious what information comes out as a consequence of the divorce proceedings. Awful, but true. I am sad for Katie, of course… sad it took her so long to finally leave.