Katie Holmes’ Film Bombs At Sundance

No, really – is it the curse of Tom Cruise? First The Kennedys mishap, now this. Katie Holmes is one of several A-listers appearing in Dito Montiel’s crime drama The Son of No One, which had its first screening for press and industry yesterday at Sundance.

And apparently it bombed. While reports say that the theatre was by no means full, it was a lot of studio folks wanting to see the film so as to determine whether to pick up the film to distribute or not. Some were gone well before the credits rolled and even enough regular audience members left early for one observer to describe it as an ‘exodus.’ Eep.


However, Holmes, who stars alongside Al Pacino, Channing Tatum, Ray Liotta and Juliette Binoche, shouldn’t have too much concern. Lots of films that do poorly at Sundance still go on to find buyers and audiences. So this film will be coming to an art house (only) near you sometime later this year…meanwhile, she’s still at work on this Jack and Jill picture, as seen above.