Katie Holmes Fed Up With Tom Cruise’s Absenses

Katie Holmes has had enough of husband Tom Cruise’s strange behavior and long absences. The couple are reportedly going through tough times as Katie tries to hold the fort with Suri while Tom rarely comes home.

“Katie’s so had it with Tom traveling, she’s stopped trying to put on a happy face” a source said. “What bugs her is Tom just accepts being unable to play husband and father.” Tom briefly came home from filming Mission: Impossible 4 to celebrate Katie’s birthday, but the actress has looked decidedly glum lately.

“He waves off her and Suri a little to cheerfully for Katie’s liking. Tom even calls home in a good mood, like he’s having such a blast in all these exotic places,” sources say. “Katie only travels when she must because it’s emotionally wrenching being away from the family. That’s just how she is. Tom takes it all in his stride, and that’s what irritates her.”

Start your predictions: are Katie and Tom going to be on the breakup list of 2011?