Katie Holmes’ ‘Dead Accounts’ Opens On Broadway, What The Critics Said [PHOTOS]

Josh Emotes With Katie
Josh Duhamel and Katie Holmes filming 'The Romantics?'
Katie Holmes’ first acting gig since her divorce from Tom Cruise, opened last night (November 29, 2012) on Broadway at the Music Box Theatre in New York City.

The actresses parents were on hand for the Dead Accounts opening night. Suri was not in attendance, but I’m sure she was at home enjoying a cupcake or two.

So how did the play fare? The opening night received mixed reviews from critics.

The New York Times: “Dead Accounts is, I think, meant to be about the inflation of the superficial in a materialistic society, and the attendant, unsatisfied craving for belief. … But the play never follows through convincingly on any of its ideas.”

The LA Times: “Holmes is charming, natural and, yes, about as fresh-faced as a moisturizer model. But there’s only so much that can be done with a Rebeck play that has more topical urgency (greed, ethics and banking funny business) than dramatic finesse.”

The Associated Press: “Holmes relies too much on a whiny teenage angst and a guilelessness that worked on TV but lacks nuance onstage. That said, she does generate two of the biggest cheers in the play.”

The Hollywood Reporter: “Holmes’ character, Lorna, remains mostly reactive until the second act. But Holmes animates her with an appealingly fresh stage presence. The play, however, suffers from the same shortcomings that often cramp the theater work of Rebeck. … ‘Dead Accounts’ is all surface polish and minimal depth.”

We’re just happy that Katie looks really happy for a change.