Katie Holmes Claims Scientology Is Following Her

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See friends, this is just one of the reasons why you shouldn’t marry into a creepy religion.

According to TMZ, A-list star Katie Holmes believes that Scientology has people following her. Katie filed for divorce from Tom Cruise on Friday after 5 years of marriage. While Tom has been outspoken about his belief in Scientology, Katie has always remained mum on the subject.

Sources close to the star say that Scientology is a big factor in why Katie filed for divorce and now she thinks that the religion views her as a threat. That’s not all thought. 

Apparently, they’ve even got two cars stationed outside her house, following her every move. While she does have a few publiciations following her, these two cars have nothing to do with them. This is all so creepy!

Katie is trying to get the divorce settled in New York where they are more likely to give her sole custody of Suri. However, it appears that Tom’s team is trying to move the proceedings to California. This should be one very interesting divorce and custody battle.

What do you think of Katie’s claims? Are they too far fetched? Or are they right on? Leave us your thoughts down below!