Katie Holmes Cheers Up Suri Cruise With A Little Pampering

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Suri Cruise's thoughts on Hollywood.
It’s still such a bummer that Suri Cruise broke her arm but hey, when it comes to remedies, moms know best.

Suri’s wonderful mother Katie Holmes took her daughter to the IPlaza Nail Salon in New York City on September 7, 2013.

She probably wanted to cheer up Suri after breaking a bone because that just hurts! 

I wonder if Suri matched her nails to her decked out cast?

While inside the salon, Suri was laughing with another child who poked at her cast.

Something tells me Suri is a pretty awesome storyteller.

Sadly we can’t see what the little fashionista wore underneath the blanket she was carrying but hey, Katie’s sweater is pretty impressive in all its fuzz and fringe.

Where do you think they headed to afterward? It would be the cherry on top if they stopped for some froyo!