Katie Holmes And Suri In New York While Tom Cruise Film ‘Oblivion’ [PHOTOS]

Suri Cruise On The Run
The Little Fashionista Gets Adventurous In NYC
There is a blurred line between the family court justice system and religious upbringing. This is more so apparent in the divorce settlement between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The partition between the assets of this Hollyowood couple is primarily focused on the issue at hand- The Church of Scientology, the religious belief that Cruise is a devoted follower.

The divorce settlement was hashed out over the weekend and it has been decided and declared on Monday that Holmes will have total custody and control over the religious exposure of Scientology or other religion for that matter. Holmes, raised in a Roman Catholic household, no longer condones this practice.

“The general rule is the courts will defer unless the consequences are really detrimental to the health of the child — a threat of immediate and substantial harm,” said Jeffrey Shulman, a professor of law at Georgetown University . As of now however, the family court system has only so much to divvy between the couple, such as the interests of Suri on matters such as medical care and housing but when it comes to matters of spirituality, it is ultimately up to the parents to educate the child in a way they see fit.

“There are ways of dealing with radical beliefs that still allows the parents to practice what they believe and expose the child to those beliefs.” said Alton Abramowitz, a family law attorney in Manhattan.

Yesterday (Jul 10) Cruise was spotted in June Lake, CA on the set of his latest action film, Oblivion. It was more than just the weather that was bothering the Mission Impossible actor, as he preferred to retreat to his trailer in between takes. An added sentiment, Cruise was not wearing his wedding band either.

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