Katie Couric Meets The Queen! [PHOTOS]

Queen Elizabeth hosted about 8,000 guests in the gardens behind Buckingham Palace in London today (May 22nd) as a way of rewarding and recognizing public service.  This is one of at least three Her Majesty hosts every summer, and today Katie Couric was among the guests.

Wearing a white fascinator, the former Today show co-anchor beamed as she met the monarch.  “She was really shmoozing with her guests — although I don’t think she would use the word ‘shmoozing’ — but she was chatting with her guests for nearly two hours this afternoon,” Couric told ABC News.  “I had no idea what to expect.  She looked beautiful.”

This meeting comes ahead of Couric’s 2-hour special on Elizabeth II, featuring interviews with Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie (airing May 29th). 

Rarely one to let others know what’s on her mind, the Queen told Couric she may just tune in next week.  “She approves everything that’s being done so I think she was well aware of our efforts and when she says she’d like to watch, I think she really means it and I hope she’ll watch the special when we send it to her,” Couric said.  “I’ve interviewed a lot of people … but interviewing royalty, you do get a bit nervous but they could not have been nicer,”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is scheduled to attend of this summer’s garden dos, but a date has not yet been confirmed by the palace.

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