Kathy Hilton’s Good Vibrations

Every award show has pre-parties in which celebrities attend mainly to receive free stuff. There was a Golden Globes pre-party called the Silver Spoons Hollywood Buffet. One of the companies that was giving away goodies was Pure Romance, which specializes in accessories for relationship enhancement.

A few celebrities picked up a few goodies from Pure Pleasure according to the companies director of PR, Genine Drozd-Fallon:

- Kathy Hilton: “The famous mother daughter sex-pot duo. Of course we gave Kathy things that were nice — Dust Me Pink, Romance Bubbles, Dream, Kiss (a body splash) and we gave her a very discreet, traveling vibe called the Lipstick. It looks just like a lipstick, making it easy to take with you any where in the world you go! For Paris, things were a bit naughtier — we gifted her our three hottest vibes, including Daddy from the ‘Nati, B.O.B., and the Decadent Indulgence. She also received a Petal Pleaser, which is a flower-like vibe that is actually waterproof! Among other gifts were our 7th Heaven, seven-function bullet, a variety of lubricants and Ex-T-Cee, our female heightener.”

- Andy Dick: “He asked if he could get something for some of his exes, as he was no longer servicing them. So we gave him three of everything, including his favorite that made his eyes pop out — our Jelly Tool Belt, which is a seven-function,double-ringed soft jelly c-ring. It provides pleasure for both partners. He snagged several in his bags, along with a super stretch, ultra-soft self pleaser — both use our creamy lubricant, Whipped.”

Hey, Kathy Hilton, what’s that buzzing in your purse? [Blogs@Cincinnati.com]