Kathy Hilton Knows Hardship

August 6th, 2007 // 11 Comments


A mother’s love is infallible. Your daughter can be the most brainless whore imaginable, and she will still go to bat for your ass. Whether this makes her a sweet lady, or merely the brainless whore that spawned a bigger brainless whore – I’ll let you decide. Kathy Hilton felt bad for Paris when she went to jail because her sheets were scratchy.

For Kathy Hilton, the toughest part about daughter Paris Hilton’s being in jail – and on the other side of the glass partition that separated them during visits – was “seeing the rashes on her arms and face from the thin sheets.”

Equally difficult, Hilton, 48, tells PEOPLE after a screening of The Kingdom in Southampton, N.Y., was witnessing the correctional facility’s guards physically pulling her 26-year-old daughter away after one visit, “grabbing her under the arm” – and then seeing the words “L.A. County” printed on the back of Paris’s jail jumpsuit.

Well they weren’t gonna let her wear a Zac Posen in the clink, dummy! Kathy went on to blather about how she made sure Paris’ room had Evian and a soft “blanky” when she got home. I’d write more but I’m going to vomit.

By J. Harvey

  1. Zelda

    Yeah, I feel so sorry for Paris’s skin. It must have gotten used to being swathed in 900-thread-count textiles, cashmere, and mink for it’s entire existence. I bet her skin was pissed when Paris flipped the script on it and started sleeping in scratchy, burlap-sack prison linens.

    Doesn’t Kathy realize how pathetic she makes her daughter sound? Running outside with a doggie?? Nelson Mandela is allowed to frolic with pets after getting out of prison. Not Princess Paris.

  2. cl

    Boo Freakin’ Hoo, Kathy, like we care about this or your sleazebag jailbird offspring, Paris. Read somewhere that your little princess has Herpes? If that’s true then she’s used to scratching, so who cares about low thread count sheets, lol.

  3. alicia

    I don’t feel sorry for Paris. I feel sorry for those poor prison sheets. What in the hell did they do to deserve having her infested ass rolling around on them?!?!?!?

  4. It is mind-boggling what can spring from a filthy womb.

  5. Lizzy

    I feel sorry for the mother of princess paris!! instead of sitting your pathetic ‘angel’ down,you go around embarrassing yourself and whinning on how she got infected by poor sheets!!!heeeeeeeeeee!If i were you,i could definately hide my shameful face and never be known as the woman who brought monster paris to this world!! Or did u raise her to be like that!!! Tell us more!!lol


  6. ciku rambutan

    I don’t love or hate Paris, but I do understand how her mother feels. Any loving mother would want to protect and console her child in hard times, regardless of her status.

  7. Jinxy McDeath

    | Doh! LOL

    Why, oh why does God allow these people to go on and then kill innocent Minnesotans? I guess I’ll never understand the need to have creepy, self- entitled, morally unconscious idiots populating the Weho area and Manhattan.

    Doesn’t Mama understand the red is the 2nd stage of syphillus?

  8. Yeah, actually I thought that Paris was going to be doing all sorts of virtuous things and saving the whales and being religious…Actually no, I didn’t think that at all!

    It is amazing that Kathy H thinks that – what? This is going to make her daughter look sympathetic to us? Make us feel sorry for her? I guess so, why else would she say it? This is a Zen-like level of denseness – almost found art!

  9. jen

    wow, jinxy! i was just about to say the same thing about the rash resulting from syphilis and not the sheets!

  10. Indrid Cold

    Silly Kathy! That wasn’t a rash that was called “her complexion”. You’re just not used to seeing it under the three inches of spackle she normally wears. Tsk!

  11. Malibuuuuu

    trying to win sympathy for the dumb whore you spawned….?? boo hoo mother hilton, you and paris are the laughing stock of LA, always have been always will be…

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