Kathy Griffin Professes Her Love For Justin Bieber [VIDEO]

Inspired by Jim Carrey’s ode to Emma Stone, comedienne Kathy Griffin took to You Tube to profess her love to Justin Bieber.

Spoofing Carrey’s video, the comedienne stands before the camera with her face in super close-up mode and starts by telling Bieber, “You are all the way beautiful.” She, however, gives a funny twist by adding, “even with those lesbian bangs,” before hurriedly saying, “That is not any diss to the LGBT community.”

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Griffin gushes about The Biebs being smart and kind hearted and says, “If I could, I would marry you.” She then retracts the statement, citing the fact that marriage would lead to the messy distribution of assets. She says they’d go camping — like Carrey said to Stone in his video — but then fears that a bug would lay eggs in her. She also says she’d love to have The Biebs’ babies, if she has any of her own eggs left.

Watch the video…